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Kelowna first aid

Kayaker drowned near Beaconsfield shoreline

The coroner investigate the case of drowning involving an 18-year old near the Beaconsfield shoreline. The young man drowned in Lake St. Louis just meters from the Centennial Park shoreline. The witnesses reportedly heard the man shout out for help after falling into the water but he slipped beneath the waves before help could arrive. […]

Kelowna first aid

AED users protected from lawsuits: Cape Breton MLA

Volunteers who utilized automated external defibrillators are protected according to Lakes MLA Keith Bain. Just recently, Bain’s amendments to the Volunteer Services Act aims on protecting a volunteer who uses an automated external defibrillator during emergency situations from lawsuits has passed with all-party support. The new amendment will also extend protection to organizations whose AED […]

Kelowna first aid

North Sydney teenager saved best friend from drowning

Quick actions of a North Sydney teenager saved best friend from drowning. Garrett Whittle and Matthew Williams have been friends for many years, but it grew stronger after an incident. The North Sydney boys just finished their final Grade 10 exam at Memorial High School in Sydney Mines and decided to go on evening swimming. […]

Kelowna first aid

Person hurt in crash in front of Nanaimo Aquatic Centre

A 3-vehicle accident occurred in front of the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre. The accident occurred before 8 PM at the intersection of Wakesiah Avenue and Third Street. According to firefighters at the scene, a passenger in a Chevrolet Trailblazer were transported to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital with unidentified injuries. The driver of the Civic was examined […]

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