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Kelowna first aid

New application for bystanders to become potential lifesavers

A new Smartphone application called PulsePoint which aims to prevent missed lifesaving measures such as CPR and first aid by alerting users when a person is in cardiac arrest in public places. It teaches users or any CPR trained bystanders on what to do and shows a map and pinpointing the location of public defibrillators. […]

Kelowna first aid

Lives lost if firefighters are not sent to medical emergencies

The new system for dispatching 911 calls will not always deploy first responders. According to 2 fire chiefs in rural Princeton, the new method of dispatching first responders to medical calls puts lives at risk. Update on response will not save lives Hayes Creek Fire Chief Rob Miller recalled a recent experience when his members […]

Kelowna first aid

2 Teachers saves life of a student with CPR

Two Okanagan teachers were given honors by the British Columbia Emergency Health Services. During gym classes about a few months ago a 13 year old student named Dilshaan Dhaliwal went into cardiac arrest. Two teachers Steve Podomorow and Mike Russo were present in the area and they immediately provided CPR and an AED or the […]

Kelowna first aid

Boy, 15 dead after a hit-and-run incident despite first aid

A 15-year-old boy is dead after a hit-and-run incident that happened near Lockport, Manitoba, in Winnipeg. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, two 15 year old boys were riding their bikes on the shoulder of Donald Road near Highway 9 in the municipality of St. Andrews when a vehicle suddenly change its direction off […]

Kelowna first aid

2 soccer parents receive lifesaving awards for timely CPR

Two soccer parents Alana Langdon and Gerry Stead were given recognition by the Canadian humanitarian charitable organization for providing CPR and first aid to a boy who was stabbed in the neck. The incident happened on a soccer field in Conception Bay South. They were given Rescuer Awards for performing life saving measures such as […]

Kelowna first aid

Victim given first aid: Calgary Officer involved in shooting incident

A Calgary police officer was involved shooting a man 11 times and resulted to severe injuries, while another officer kick the victim after the arrest. These police officers face internal investigation. First aid care The incident happened in the southeast community of Dover. According to ASIRT, the police officer opened fire on the man who […]

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