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Kelowna first aid

Man dead in Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Center

A man about 20 years old was found dead at the Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre.  Paramedics responded to a call from the Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Center at about 1:50 in the afternoon that a man is found in medical distress in his cell. The man had no vital signs. Paramedic immediately provided first aid on the man […]

Kelowna first aid

Boy, 15 dead after a hit-and-run incident despite first aid

A 15-year-old boy is dead after a hit-and-run incident that happened near Lockport, Manitoba, in Winnipeg. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, two 15 year old boys were riding their bikes on the shoulder of Donald Road near Highway 9 in the municipality of St. Andrews when a vehicle suddenly change its direction off […]

Kelowna first aid

South Shore man is grateful after successfully revived with CPR

When Pierre Lachapelle went into cardiac arrest, he was successfully revived with CPR at a south shore CLSC. Successful revival It took up to 8 shocks from an automated external defibrillator (AED) followed by a shot of adrenalin before Lachapelle was revived. He went back to thank the people who brought him back. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation […]

Kelowna first aid

In search for 2 Good Samaritans who performed CPR

Joyce King thinks of 2 strangers who saved her life with CPR. King is a 68-year old Beaconsfield resident who is recovering from a massive heart attack at a convalescence center in Montreal. Good Samaritans on the rescue At the time of the incident, King and her daughter exited Tim Horton’s restaurant and walked across […]

Kelowna first aid

Brothers perform CPR to save grandmother

Young brothers quickly performed CPR to save their grandmother who was having a cardiac arrest. Grayson Wu, 7-years old knew there was something wrong with his grandmother when she did not answer after asking for a snack. His grandmother was unconscious on the cough. According to Grayson, she was grunting a little. With cardiac arrest, […]

Kelowna first aid

AED users protected from lawsuits: Cape Breton MLA

Volunteers who utilized automated external defibrillators are protected according to Lakes MLA Keith Bain. Just recently, Bain’s amendments to the Volunteer Services Act aims on protecting a volunteer who uses an automated external defibrillator during emergency situations from lawsuits has passed with all-party support. The new amendment will also extend protection to organizations whose AED […]

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