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Puncture wound injury

A puncture wound can be shallow or deep. The treatment for the wound is based on its seriousness as well as the size and object responsible. In addition, the treatment is also based on whether the object is still left in the body or removed. Any object that protrudes out of the skin is called […]

Third-degree burn

A third-degree burn is a serious form of burn. It affects all the skin layers and might involve damage to other underlying tissues beneath the skin. The injury can be deep that only the borders recuperate. Scars will later cover the burned area if a skin graft is not carried out. What are the possible […]


Splinters are defined as foreign bodies that are partly or completely embedded into the skin. A splinter is usually wood but other materials such as glass, metal or plastic can also be considered as splinters. In most cases, it can be removed with medical care. If fully embedded, it has a unique sensation. Remember that […]

Lionfish sting

A lionfish is a venomous fish species that camouflages itself against rocky terrains or coral reefs. It is covered with prickly spines that contain toxic venom. Even though they do not attack humans, they can be territorial and cause painful stings with the potential to release venom. A lionfish sting can occur if exposed to […]

Coral cuts

Coral cuts can occur since their exoskeletons can be sharp and rigid. Injuries can occur after accidental contact that usually leaves a small amount of animal protein and calcareous substance in the wound. Even though coral cuts are relatively small and appear harmless, they might rapidly develop into infected wounds. Take note that some corals […]

Moray eel bite

A moral eel is a fish species with an elongated, snake-like form that can deliver a serious laceration or loss of a finger or toe. It is not aggressive but might attack if it feels threatened. What are the symptoms? The indications of a moral eel bite can range from minor or severe which generally […]

Dealing with a surgical wound

A surgical wound is basically an incision in the skin by a scalpel during surgery. This type of wound is made during the placement of a drain. Generally, surgical wounds tend to vary in size. In most cases, they are sealed with sutures but oftentimes left open to recuperate. What are the types? A surgical […]

Common forms of wounds

Wounds can occur in various ways and vary in seriousness. Any wound involve damage to the tissues brought about by physical ways. In the medical field, skin wounds are categorized in various ways such as whether short or long term and if contaminated by bacteria. Close look on the common types of wounds Abrasion An […]

Split nails: How is it managed?

Split nails are a condition that develops if the nail bed is broken and separated. The nails might become breakable and lax. It provides the nails with an unattractive form and it is required to allow the nails to grow back to improve its appearance. While dealing with the root of the damaged nails, apply […]