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Close look on cellulitis

Cellulitis is a form of infection involving the deeper skin layers and underlying tissue. The condition is considered serious if not promptly cared for. The infection rapidly develops and spreads throughout the body. A severe case can reach deep into the body and can be dangerous. Most cases are effectively managed using antibiotics at home […]

Proper management of open wounds

Open wounds can range from minor to severe. It is important to note that an open wound is any injury or damage involving an exterior or interior breakage in the bodily tissues, usually affecting the skin. Almost everyone has experienced open wounds at some point. Luckily, most are minor and can be managed at home. […]

Puncture wound

A puncture wound is a forceful injury from a pointed, sharp object that pierces the skin. This wound is typically deeper and narrow than a scrape or cut. Many individuals accidentally end up with a puncture wound during daily activities or in the workplace. Most cases are minor and home treatment is usually enough. Sharp […]

Care for human bites

There are various measures when caring for human bites. The management of a human bite can range from the application of ice packs for swelling or even surgery depending on the severity of the bite. When it comes to serious bites, prompt treatment is vital to reduce the risk for infection. Home remedies for human […]

Pressure ulcer

A pressure ulcer is described as an area of skin ulcerated by constant irritation and pressure. It initially starts as damage to the skin that can later spread to the tissues underlying the skin. In severe cases, there is lasting damage to the muscle or bone. Remember that pressure ulcers can be quite painful and […]

Infected wound: What are the ideal treatments?

An infected wound requires immediate treatment. Remember that any break, incision or laceration in the skin is at risk for allowing bacteria to enter and trigger an infection. The bacteria attach to the tissue and prevent the wound from healing properly, resulting to other symptoms such as fever, increased swelling and drainage of pus. Commonly […]

Proper application of dressings

It is vital that you know how to properly apply dressings. Before applying any dressing, the initial step is to wash and dry your hands and wear disposable gloves if available. The following are essential considerations to bear in mind: Ensure that the individual with a wound is seated or lying down. Inform the individual […]

Wound care: What is a skin glue?

Skin glue is a special form of medical adhesive. It works by joining the edges of a wound together as the wound starts to heal underneath. Healthcare professionals might utilize skin glue to seal wounds instead of other methods such as skin staples, stitches and adhesive tape. Take note that this can be used in […]

How to manage diabetic wounds

Diabetic wounds are serious complications among individuals with diabetes. Even though diabetes is harmless if properly controlled, the abnormal level of blood glucose in the body can lead to some serious complications. Possible causes of diabetic wounds The main issue with diabetic wounds is delayed or poor healing. The healing issues are triggered by peripheral […]

Close look on a closed wound

Generally, a closed wound is characterized by intact skin while the underlying tissue is not directly exposed. When it comes to a closed wound, it is typically triggered by direct blunt trauma after falls or vehicular accidents. Even if the skin is unbroken, the injury can reach down to the core muscles, bones and internal […]