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Cartilage damage

Cartilage damage is considered as a common form of injury. It typically affects the knees but also other joints such as the ankles, hips and elbows can be affected as well. The cartilage is a sturdy, flexible tissue that covers the joint surface. It functions as a shock absorber and allows the bones to smoothly […]


Chilblains are defined as small-sized, prickly inflammations on the skin which manifest as a response to exposure to cold temperatures. They typically affect the extremities including the fingers, toes, ears, heels and the nose. The condition can cause discomfort but rarely result to any lasting impairment. It normally heals in just a few weeks if […]

Retinal detachment

Retinal detachment is a severe condition brought about by the pulling away of the retina from its supportive tissues. Since the retina could not function normally under these conditions, permanent loss of vision can occur if the damage is not fixed. Who are at risk? It is important to note that retinal detachment is considered […]

Sudden cardiac arrest: When is CPR needed?

Sudden cardiac arrest is considered as a medical emergency. Depending on the root cause of cardiac arrest, the symptoms might mimic other health conditions. Regardless of the cause, the treatment for cardiac arrest generally starts with CPR. What are the signs? Abrupt loss of consciousness – cardiac arrest brought about by an arrhythmia can suddenly […]

Proper management of dog bites

Dog bites are considered as prevalent injuries among children. The treatment for dog bites must be started right away. Take note that dogs do not always bite as aggression, but mostly due to fear. Treatment for dog bites Safety is vital by ensuring that the dog and victim are moved away from one another. Remember […]

Lionfish sting

A lionfish is a venomous fish species that camouflages itself against rocky terrains or coral reefs. It is covered with prickly spines that contain toxic venom. Even though they do not attack humans, they can be territorial and cause painful stings with the potential to release venom. A lionfish sting can occur if exposed to […]

Coral cuts

Coral cuts can occur since their exoskeletons can be sharp and rigid. Injuries can occur after accidental contact that usually leaves a small amount of animal protein and calcareous substance in the wound. Even though coral cuts are relatively small and appear harmless, they might rapidly develop into infected wounds. Take note that some corals […]

Sea urchin sting

A sea urchin has a hard shell with spines all over its body where some can be venomous. One can end up with a sting if the creature is handled directly. The usual causes of a sea urchin sting include the following: Exposure to a sea urchin in the ocean or at the beach Wading […]

Moray eel bite

A moral eel is a fish species with an elongated, snake-like form that can deliver a serious laceration or loss of a finger or toe. It is not aggressive but might attack if it feels threatened. What are the symptoms? The indications of a moral eel bite can range from minor or severe which generally […]