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Intercostal muscle strain

An intercostal muscle strain has a variety of causes. The intercostal muscles are positioned amidst the ribs which attaches them to one another. The muscles can be damaged by twisting movement. The pain might manifest either from a sudden injury or gradually from repetitive movements. What are the signs? The indications of an intercostal muscle […]

Close look on poison ivy

A poison ivy rash is brought about by exposure to the poison ivy plant. ┬áThe sap of the plant contains urushiol which is an irritant that triggers rashes and an allergic reaction. Remember that the oil can remain in gardening equipment and shoes. Characteristics If the skin was exposed to poison ivy, it triggers thin […]

Refrigerant poisoning

Refrigerant poisoning occurs if an individual was exposed to the chemicals utilized to cool appliances. Refrigerant includes chemicals specifically fluorinated hydrocarbons. Freon is an odorless, tasteless gas but if deeply inhaled, it can disrupt with the movement of oxygen to the cells and lungs. In case of limited exposure such as a spill on the […]

Torn meniscus

A torn meniscus is defined by knee pain and limited movement of the joint. The injury can occur if the knee is twisted forcefully from an abrupt stop and turn movement. Oftentimes, kneeling or squatting are possible causes. What are the indications? The usual signs of a torn meniscus include: Knee pain Swelling Difficulty bending […]


Diarrhea is a common ailment that affects individuals at some point in life. If diarrhea occurs, the stools are watery or loose. In most instances when diarrhea arises, multiple episodes occur in a day, but the frequency is not necessarily a determining factor. What are the causes? There are various possible causes for diarrhea such […]

Overview on turf toe

Turf toe is a sore injury at the center of the big toe that affects athletes playing baseball, football or soccer. The condition involves damage once the individual strongly strikes the toe into the floor or flexes the toe backward beyond its usual limits. The injury typically occurs on playing fields of grass or artificial […]

Puncture wound injury

A puncture wound can be shallow or deep. The treatment for the wound is based on its seriousness as well as the size and object responsible. In addition, the treatment is also based on whether the object is still left in the body or removed. Any object that protrudes out of the skin is called […]

What is a wrist sprain?

A wrist sprain involves the wrist ligaments. These ligaments are durable tissue bands that link one bone to another to form the joints. When the ligament is impaired, it might be strained, partially torn or completely ripped apart. A sprain is generally brought about by abrupt activity that twists or tears the ligament. This is […]

Posterior cruciate ligament injury

Posterior cruciate ligament injury involves damage to one of the knee ligaments. This ligament links the thighbone to the shinbone at the rear part of the knee. Once the ligament is damaged, it can be stretched, partly torn or fully ripped apart. A full tear can cause the knee to loosen and become unstable. The […]

Jersey finger

A jersey finger involves a tear in one of the hand tendons. These tendons are sturdy tissue bands that links muscles to bones. In most cases, the flexor tendon is usually torn. The flexor tendons link the hand muscles to the bones close to the fingertips. These tendons are utilized to bend or flex the […]