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Belly button odor

There are a variety of causes for belly button odor. The main cause for belly button odor is poor hygiene. The presence of dirt, bacteria and germs can buildup in the belly button if it is not cleaned regularly. Oftentimes, belly button odor might be a sign of a condition that requires medical care such […]


Meningococcemia is a rare form of infection brought about by the Neisseria meningitidis bacteria. The condition occurs if the infection remains in the blood but does not infect the spinal cord or the brain. What are the indications? Generally, an individual might only have a few symptoms initially. Some of the early signs include: Headache […]


Purpura or blood spots are purplish-colored spots on the skin. These spots might also manifest on the organs or mucous layers including the tissues on the interior of the mouth. The condition also arises if the small blood vessels rupture which causes the blood to buildup beneath the skin. This results to purplish spots on […]

Intercostal muscle strain

An intercostal muscle strain has a variety of causes. The intercostal muscles are positioned amidst the ribs which attaches them to one another. The muscles can be damaged by twisting movement. The pain might manifest either from a sudden injury or gradually from repetitive movements. What are the signs? The indications of an intercostal muscle […]


Costochondritis is defined as swelling of the cartilage in the rib cage. It typically involves the cartilage in which the upper ribs link to the sternum. Chest pain due to costochondritis can range from minor to severe. A mild case will only cause the chest to feel tender to the touch or some discomfort if […]

Close look on poison ivy

A poison ivy rash is brought about by exposure to the poison ivy plant. ┬áThe sap of the plant contains urushiol which is an irritant that triggers rashes and an allergic reaction. Remember that the oil can remain in gardening equipment and shoes. Characteristics If the skin was exposed to poison ivy, it triggers thin […]

Aftershave poisoning

Aftershave poisoning typically affects small children who accidentally ingested aftershave. The product is available in gel, lotion or liquid form that is applied on the face after shaving. If ingested, aftershave can trigger detrimental effects. What are the indications? The usual signs of aftershave poisoning include: Diminished level of alertness Confusion Low blood sugar Muscle […]

Refrigerant poisoning

Refrigerant poisoning occurs if an individual was exposed to the chemicals utilized to cool appliances. Refrigerant includes chemicals specifically fluorinated hydrocarbons. Freon is an odorless, tasteless gas but if deeply inhaled, it can disrupt with the movement of oxygen to the cells and lungs. In case of limited exposure such as a spill on the […]

Chronic hepatitis C

Chronic hepatitis C is brought about by the hepatitis C virus. Once the virus enters the body, it triggers a liver infection. After some time, the infection leads to scarring of the liver and prevents it from functioning normally. Remember that this can be deadly if not treated. What are the signs? Chronic hepatitis C […]