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Eczema: How is it managed

Eczema is defined by patches of skin that are dry, itchy, hard, scaly, reddened and possibly blistered. Generally, the condition involves skin inflammation that does not have a cure, but there are treatment options available. Treatment of eczema If an individual has a severe case of eczema due to excessive itchiness and scratching, medications are […]

Chigger bites

A chigger is the larvae of harvest mites or Trombiculidae. They are closely linked to arachnids and mites. Chigger bites are likely to occur on thin skin. It is important to note that chiggers are miniature in size, thus the individual is not likely to see them. How to recognize chigger bites Chigger bites are […]

Yellow jacket sting

A yellow jacket is considered aggressive and might sting several times. If stung by a yellow jacket, it is vital to take the necessary steps right away to help with the pain and itchiness that arises on the next few days. First aid care for a yellow jacket sting Avoid being stung further since yellow […]

Radiation pneumonitis

Radiation pneumonitis is a form of lung injury. Even though pneumonia is brought about by viruses or bacteria, this form is triggered by an irritant. The condition is likely to occur among individuals who have undergone radiation treatment to the chest or lung region. Even though it tends to arise between 4-12 weeks after radiation […]

What is diaphoresis?

Diaphoresis involves excessive sweating for no root cause. Oftentimes, it is caused by an underlying medical condition or part of the bodily changes such as menopause. It is important to note that sweating is how the body controls its temperature. The sweat serves as a coolant that lowers the temperature within the body. Diaphoresis typically […]

Trochanteric bursitis

Trochanteric bursitis involves irritation of the hip bursa and considered as the usual cause of hip pain. What are the indications? Trochanteric bursitis is likely to affect active middle-aged women. The condition can trigger intense hip pain, particularly if there is excess pressure placed on the hip. It can also cause the following symptoms: Discomfort […]

Tibia fracture

A tibia fracture involves a break in the tibia bone. This elongated bone is susceptible to fractures. Once this injury occurs, it can be accompanied by tissue damage to the adjacent ligaments or muscles. If worried, a doctor should be consulted so that further assessment can be carried out. What are the indications? The usual […]

What is a wrist sprain?

A wrist sprain involves the wrist ligaments. These ligaments are durable tissue bands that link one bone to another to form the joints. When the ligament is impaired, it might be strained, partially torn or completely ripped apart. A sprain is generally brought about by abrupt activity that twists or tears the ligament. This is […]


Edema involves swelling once excess fluid is trapped in the body tissues, especially the skin. It starts in a slow manner, but the onset can be abrupt. It is considered as a common condition but might be a sign of a serious condition. The condition often affects the skin, particularly on the hands, ankles, arms, […]