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Retinal detachment

Retinal detachment is a severe condition brought about by the pulling away of the retina from its supportive tissues. Since the retina could not function normally under these conditions, permanent loss of vision can occur if the damage is not fixed. Who are at risk? It is important to note that retinal detachment is considered […]

Sudden cardiac arrest: When is CPR needed?

Sudden cardiac arrest is considered as a medical emergency. Depending on the root cause of cardiac arrest, the symptoms might mimic other health conditions. Regardless of the cause, the treatment for cardiac arrest generally starts with CPR. What are the signs? Abrupt loss of consciousness – cardiac arrest brought about by an arrhythmia can suddenly […]


Malaria is a condition that develops if blood has been infected by parasites that spread via mosquito bites. Even though the disease is considered non-existent in developed countries, it remains as a serious health threat in other parts of the globe. Remember that the condition is a threat to countries where cases have been reported […]


Hemorrhoids can be categorized as external or internal which form within the anal canal and anal opening. If in their normal state, they do not trigger any symptoms. In some cases, issues might arise from the internal hemorrhoids. The external hemorrhoids can trigger symptoms once a blood clot abruptly forms in one of the veins […]

Dry eyes

Dry eyes occur if there is an unevenness or shortage in the tears or if the tears rapidly evaporate. The eye requires a tear film to provide continuous moisture and lubrication to maintain comfort and vision. The components tears are comprised of are released by specialized glands found around the eye. Once tears could not […]

Proper management of dog bites

Dog bites are considered as prevalent injuries among children. The treatment for dog bites must be started right away. Take note that dogs do not always bite as aggression, but mostly due to fear. Treatment for dog bites Safety is vital by ensuring that the dog and victim are moved away from one another. Remember […]

Lionfish sting

A lionfish is a venomous fish species that camouflages itself against rocky terrains or coral reefs. It is covered with prickly spines that contain toxic venom. Even though they do not attack humans, they can be territorial and cause painful stings with the potential to release venom. A lionfish sting can occur if exposed to […]

Black lung disease

Black lung disease is a lung condition that arises after inhaling coal dust. The inhalation and buildup of coal dust into the lungs heightens the risk for ending up with chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The inhalation and buildup of coal dust is the main cause of black lung disease. This is […]