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Sprained thumb

A sprained thumb arises if the thumb tissues connecting the bones in a joint are damaged. These ligaments secure the bones in place during joint movement. In the thumb, several ligaments help with grabbing objects, pinching or creating a fist. A sprain is less severe than a fractured thumb since the ligament or bone is […]

Smashed finger

If a finger was hit by a hammer or caught in a door, it usually results to a smashed finger. What are the signs? Any form of trauma to the finger can result to the following: Inflammation Significant finger pain especially throbbing and aching Difficulty using the finger tip Loss of sensation in the finger […]

What is periostitis?

Periostitis involves inflammation of the tissue band surrounding the bone specifically the periosteum. The condition generally affects those who engage in repeated running, jumping or lifting heavy weights. Among those who engage in running, shin splints are a likely condition which is a form of periostitis. The repeated strain on the shinbone result to shin […]

Hand cramps

Hand cramps can cause excessive discomfort and can be sporadic or chronic. Once hand cramps arise, there is difficulty creating a fist or bringing the fingers together. There is also cramping in other parts of the body as well. Even though it is not dangerous, it might be a sign of an underlying health condition. […]

Gastrointestinal perforation

Gastrointestinal perforation is defined as the formation of a hole all the way through the stomach, large intestine and small intestine. It can be brought about by various diseases including diverticulitis and appendicitis. In some cases, it is due to trauma such as a gunshot or stab wound. The condition is considered as a medical […]

Carpopedal spasms

Carpopedal spasms are defined as frequent and involuntary muscular contractions in the hands and feet. In some instances, the ankles and wrist can be affected. The spasms are often linked with cramps and tingling sensations. Although brief, the spasms can trigger intense pain. The muscular contractions in the body are considered normal. Once they become […]

Bleeding tongue

Some individuals experience a bleeding tongue from time to time. The site of the tongue makes it prone to injury. It is important to note that the tongue can be damaged by: Braces Biting on it Crowns Dentures Sharp foods Broken teeth Radiation therapy Generally, minimal bleeding is not an issue of concern, but there […]

Collar bone lump

A collar bone lump might be an issue for concern. The collar bone links the shoulder to the chest and runs below the skin surface. Any bump or lump on the bone can be easily felt and seen. The lump might be an indication of an infection, injury or serious health condition. What are the […]

Necrotizing enterocolitis

Necrotizing enterocolitis is a condition defined by damage to the tissues in the interior lining of the small or large intestines where they eventually die. The condition generally affects only the interior lining of the intestine but the whole thickness can be involved over time. In severe cases, a hole might develop in the intestinal […]