Possible causes of sudden dry feet

Dry feet have been a common issue that can become uncomfortable if deep cracks develop in the feet that are called as fissures. It is important to note that these fissures can become sore that it will make walking difficult. If the cracks are deep enough, bleeding is likely to occur. The heels are commonly affected by cracks but the dryness can occur on any part of the foot. There are various causes of sudden dry feet that range from shoes used as well as skin and neurological conditions. By enrolling in a first aid class, you are prepared to provide measures to ease the discomfort.


Extended standing on hard surfaces and flooring can lead to cracked and dry feet. Years of prolonged standing can damage the sweat glands in the feet and possibly cause cracked or dry feet. In addition, those who are overweight can also place extra pressure on the feet. The increased pressure on the normal fat padding will cause it to expand sideways, resulting to cracks on the feet. It is recommended to wear proper padding and protected shoes to help prevent it from occurring.

Dry feet

Extended standing on hard surfaces and flooring can lead to cracked and dry feet.

Shoes with open backs

Using shoes that have an open back such as flip-flops and sandals can contribute to the development of cracked, dry heels. When these shoes are used, the fat on the heel expands sideways which increases pressure on the heel which leads to the formation of cracks.


Using medications such as antihistamines or diuretics can cause dry feet. With this in mind, it is vital to moisturize the feet on a regular basis with an oil-based moisturizer to prevent further drying from occurring.

Hot water

Frequent exposure of the feet to hot water whether from foot baths, hot showers or baths, it can cause dry feet. Always bear in mind that hot water will break down the natural skin barrier and allow the moisture to escape. You have to reduce the temperature of the water using in bathing at home in order to prevent dry feet.

Skin issues

Certain skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema and athlete’s foot can contribute to dry feet. Psoriasis and eczema are skin conditions that can cause skin dryness all over the body. Take note that the dryness can also occur on the feet.

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that results to cracking along with severe dryness on the feet. The fungus responsible for causing the condition thrives well in moist environments. Burning, itching and redness are also linked with athlete’s foot. In most cases, the condition can be managed with over-the-counter treatment options. In case the condition does not improve, a doctor must be consulted.

Medical issues

There are some medical issues that can increase the risk for developing dry feet such as neuropathy of the feet linked with hypothyroidism and diabetes. Those who have these medical conditions have diminished sweating that can lead to increased dryness of the skin and feet.


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