CPR courses from American Heart Association

American Heart Association, founded in 1924, has taken initiative and is

 CPR Training Courses

CPR Training Courses

continuously making efforts in promoting heart care and establishing proper standards for CPR training. One such eventful step towards the motive was organizing CPR courses under its vigilance. The ultimate mission of these courses has been to create public awareness and do research for improving CPR and first aid training strategies. The AHA has been providing CPR training to almost 2 million people every year which includes not only the general public but also healthcare providers, nurses, servicemen and youngsters.

The article will give a brief description about what are the different CPR courses that are carried out by the AHA and how each course is unique and efficient.

Different CPR courses currently provided by AHA

The CPR courses by AHA can be broadly divided into classroom and online courses.

Classroom CPR Courses

The program ensures hand on coaching which features group interaction with peers and AHA approved instructors. These classroom courses are generally preferred by schools and corporate. However, an individual may also take classroom courses if he thinks feasible. The course name is ‘’Heartsaver CPR AED – Classroom’’ which includes adult CPR training and use of AED and teaches how to relieve a choking adult. The course follows practice-while-watching technique and believes in an interactive classroom atmosphere. It also contains modules for CPR for child and infants.

The CPR course ends up with an optional written test and certificate upon successful completion.

E-learning CPR courses

The CPR e-learning program is divided into three modules. The program is suitable for any person with/without a medical background. The programs lay out guidelines for emergency response during the first few intervals of EMS. The program aims at teaching Adult CPR and AED, Adult choking and modules for child and infant CPR. The latter part is optional. The E-learning programs have basic advantage that they can be learned anywhere, office or home with just an internet connection. The learning is made demonstrative through online videos that gives you hand – on experience about CPR.

Upon successful completion of the duration of the course a certificate certified by the AHA is issued.

Community CPR courses by AHA

The community programs are targeted to specific community such as the schools and the corporate world. The corporate world has laid specific guidelines and made CPR training as compulsory eligibility criteria.

CPR courses for schools are based on a specific agenda. The course is designed specifically for schools and each chapter of the school is divided into a 45 minutes session for seven consecutive days. At the end of the course, the students are issued a course completion card.

Another community CPR course is Family and Friends CPR which is aimed for performing CPR to any person in an emergency near your

vicinity – a family member, friend or even a by passer. The course provides you with a kit and agenda with DVDs which gives you insights about a perfect CPR during emergency conditions.

AHA is the most appropriate institute you may approach for a good training on CPR. The CPR courses are fully updated and uniquely designed that is unbeatable by any other courses provided by other agencies.


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