Cape Breton CPR trainer for 35 years saves a life for the first time

A casino security chief was commended for assisting a patron who collapsed from a heart attack. Ian Flynn performed CPR and utilized a defibrillator until loaded into an ambulance.

He is the CPR trainer for all the employees with the Casino Nova Scotia. It has been his job for 35 years but it was July when he first saved a life. On July 20, Bill Jamael stood up from the game he was playing at the casino, took a few steps and collapsed.

Kelowna first aid

Jamael did not have any pulse and not breathing. Flynn initiated CPR.

The slots attendant who seen the man fall radioed Flynn who was by Jamael’s side in just a minute together with 2 other members of the security staff.

Second nature

Jamael did not have any pulse and not breathing. Flynn initiated CPR. The casino staff undergo CPR training recertification every 3 years and a refresher course has been offered a couple of weeks before.

While Flynn was applying the compressions, another staff delivered the breaths in between. A defibrillator was acquired and taken back to the man. The pads were applied and the prompts of the device was followed.

Pushing through

The device analyzed Jamael’s heartbeat and gave the prompt to press a button to shock his heart. There was no response.

Flynn continued with CPR while the defibrillator reset and administered the second shock but still nothing. A third shock did not trigger any reaction.

Upon the arrival of 2 ambulances, Flynn was preparing to deliver the fourth shock. The EMTs left him to it as they set up and it was successful. Jamael’s heart started to beat again.

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