What is a bone tumor?

In the medical field, tumors are described as growths or lumps of tissue that develop once the cells divide in an uncontrollable manner. Bone tumors can cause the weakening of the bones around them as they grow in size. It is important to note that these tumors can either be benign or malignant and can exist for a long time without showing any symptoms.

What are the symptoms of a bone tumor?

An individual who is suspected of having a bone tumor usually manifest the following symptoms.

Bones that are weakened

Always remember that the weakening of the bones is a main indication of a bone tumor. The bones can become gradually brittle and weaken over time as the tumor grows inside or around it. Once the affected bone becomes weakened, the bone can fracture or break if a certain degree of strain is placed on it. In reality, the bone can become overly brittle that even a minor fall or misstep can lead to a serious injury.


Bone tumor

Another main symptom of a bone tumor is no other than bone pain.

Another main symptom of a bone tumor is no other than bone pain. Take note that the bone pain can be severe in which some individuals claim that it feels similar to a toothache that is inside the body. Based on studies conducted, the bone pain tends to worsen at night time. If you want to learn how to properly manage pain, click here.

The pain can also manifest after one of the weakened bones becomes so weak that it fractures or breaks even under minimal stress. An abrupt break can lead to intense pain that it can put an individual at risk for shock.

Tenderness or swelling of the joints

It is important to note that a bone tumor can cause the swelling and tenderness of the joints. In some cases, this is mistaken as a symptom of arthritis. Once the bone tumor grows in size, there is increased stress applied on the joints, thus resulting to increased pain and tenderness at the site. If this is left undiagnosed, the affected joint will end up significantly impaired.

Weight loss

Always remember that weight loss can also serve as an indication of a developing bone tumor. This typically occurs among individuals who have a malignant tumor and it can be severe if the tumor is diagnosed as a cancerous type. Weight loss along with the loss of essential nutrients in the body can drastically weaken the bones, thus increasing the risk for the breakage of bones.


Anemia is typically a symptom of a cancerous type of bone tumor. As the bone tumor develops in size, they can later on enter the bone marrow. Once this occurs, the body will have difficulty in producing the red blood cells, thus resulting to severe anemia.

Anemia is usually diagnosed with a blood test. If this occurs, the individual can experience fatigue and dizziness which will put the individual at risk for serious falls that can result to broken bones.


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