St Mark James Programs – What the CPR training program Offers.

 first aid kits

first aid kits

CPR is one of the workplace approved programs available internationally in various communities and online. St Mark James has designed the first aid and CPR training to be affordable, to have conveniently scheduled classes especial for working individuals or individuals you have busy schedules and to have standard and consistent classes national wide and even internationally as much as possible. These programs do not only offer basic training but also advance training procedures that equip its participants with high level preparation for medical emergencies.

The teaching instructors in the workplace approved programs are highly trained experts with first aid instructor certifications. These instructors teach participants basic CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques and also advanced techniques like: how to use the automated external defibrillator known as the AED, emergency. Apart from the CPR course, other courses in the program include:

  • Life Guard workplace approved Program
  • Babysitter workplace approved Program
  • Disaster Preparedness workplace approved Program
  • Instructor Training workplace approved Program
  • Nurse Assistant workplace approved Program
  • workplace approved Program for the Workplace and more…

The workplace approved programs provide training in various ways and by various means. There are available in every community, town or state in almost all countries. CPR training is offered to interested students in fire stations, hospitals or any healthcare facility, and more in any of these places. CPR training is also offered online, there are known as blended training or learning. The online training is almost as good as the classroom training. These trainings basically provide theoretical and practical hands-on training to the participants.

The CPR training program is beneficial to everybody and everyone in every aspect of life. It equips its participants with the right set of skills to rescue victims in need of emergency medical care. It is prepared it participant by educating on the tools or first aid kits that everyone should have in any situation and any environment. Take for example, the program for emergency preparedness against disasters. The supplies to provide medical assistance to victims of disasters should include: nourishing and yet easy to prepare food, good drinking water, clothing and first aid kits. The first aid kit should have the basic supplies like: non-latex gloves, antiseptic wipes, hand Sanitizers with alcohol-based, gauze bandage, sterile dressing, scissors, anti-bacterial ointment, adhesive bandages, gauze pads, cold packs and more. The types of food will be rich with vitamins, lots of energy and mostly non-perishable.

CPR does not only help preserve the life of a victim of breathing problem, cardiac arrest or heart attack before the arrival of a professional emergency responder but might just be the only act to save the life of the victim. This and more reasons are why the workplace approved program is an important contribution to our society as a whole and should be embraced by all. Everyone should try to participate in one way or the other to promote the growth and knowledge of providing emergency health care to victims in need by taking a program every now and then. Saving lives can be a very fulfilling experience not without saying it might be a skill that will save the life of a loved one in need.


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