Pitching arm pain: What are the treatment options?

Arm pain is likely to occur among baseball pitchers. If a baseball pitcher throws long enough, it is possible for arm pain and soreness to occur. Nevertheless, there are several steps that can be done to manage the pain and make it less uncomfortable.

Commonly used treatment options for pitching arm pain


It is suggested to proactively prevent arm pain. The individual should stretch the muscles and keep the blood flowing to the arms.


The RICE method is highly effective in managing arm pain.

A standard stretching regimen typically includes arm swings and circles as well as stretching for the forearms, triceps and biceps. Promoting increased blood flow to the arm will allow the individual to throw with reduced pain but also more effectively.

RICE method

The RICE method is highly effective in managing arm pain. The individual should get enough rest so that the affected arm can recover from the strain of repeated pitching.

The accepted rule is to rest for an hour for every pitch thrown. Application of ice on the affected arm along with compression on the elbow and shoulder can help lessen the swelling. The application of an ice pack for 15 minutes and another 15 minutes off is suggested. If possible, raise the arm to lessen the swelling.


Pain medications in limited doses can help lessen the arm pain. The drugs should only be used after throwing and not before. It is important to note that if the pain in the arm is reduced by the drugs while pitching, it is difficult to notice an injury or another physical sign indicating that he/she should stop the activity.

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