Infant wounds: Proper management

Most cases of infant wounds are minor and can be managed at home. Scrapes and cuts could not be avoided as part of growing up and as a child becomes more mobile, he/she is prone to small injuries.

In case an infant ends up with a wound, you can readily manage it at home with the aim of controlling the bleeding and proper application of a dressing.

Measures in caring for infant wounds

  • The wound should be rinsed under clean water to flush out any debris or dirt. Continue to rinse the site until all the debris or dirt has been eliminated.
  • Cleanse the wound using warm water and mild soap. After cleansing, thoroughly rinse the wound to remove any soap residues.

    When it comes to infant wounds that are bleeding, you should place pressure to control the flow of blood.

  • When it comes to infant wounds that are bleeding, you should place pressure to control the flow of blood. Utilize a clean towel or cloth and apply on the wound and place gentle pressure until the bleeding ceases.
  • Dab on a thin coating of ointment on the wound. Utilize an antibiotic ointment to ensure that the wound is clean. Use one that is specifically made for infants since their skin can be highly sensitive to some of the ingredients in some wound care products.
  • Apply a bandage over the ointment. Only apply gentle pressure so that the bandage will fully adhere on the skin of the infant.
  • Always check the wound daily. Assess to ensure that it is correctly healing and clean at the same time. Get rid of the old dressing and check the wound before applying clean bandage.

In case infant wounds turn reddened, painful, warm, swollen or drains pus, a doctor should be consulted right away since this is an indication of an infection.

A doctor should be consulted if the wound is more severe than a small-sized scrape or cut. Seek medical care if the bleeding could not be controlled after 5 minutes of applying direct pressure or if the damage is longer than half an inch long.

Disclaimer / More Information

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