Child care: Caring for an infant with a stuffed nose

A child can end up with a stuffed nose if he/she has a cold. Among children age 3 or below, this can be challenge. Remember that the cause for the stuffed nose is not always obvious

Babies and toddlers often acquire common cold since they are still building up immunity to the common viruses. On the other hand, there are other possible causes of a stuffed nose. There are also limited choices on the treatments to use for children younger than 4 years old. Remember that cold medications should not be used.

Management for a stuffed nose

Nasal congestion or a stuffed nose occurs once the blood vessels and tissues in the nasal cavity are filled with excess fluid. The child will have difficulty sleeping and even lead to other issues such as sinus infection. Additionally, there is also difficulty breathing if the child has a stuffed nose.

Safe measures

Saline nasal spray

One of the safest and effective way to clear up a stuffed nose is using a saline spray or nasal drop. Most of these products are available over-the-counter.

If the saline drop is used, place 2 drops in each nostril to loosen up the mucus. Use a suction bulb right away to draw out the saline and mucus. Place a rolled up towel below the shoulders of the child so you can gently tilt the head slightly backwards so that the drops enter the nose.

Stuffed nose

The application of saline drops should be done before feeding and before bedtime.

The application of saline drops should be done before feeding and before bedtime. This will help the child breathe more easily while feeding.

Using a humidifier

A humidifier or vaporizer works by releasing a cool mist into the room. It should be positioned close enough that the mist reaches the child while sleeping.

Make sure that the water is changed daily as well as clean and dry the device to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

Steam in a bathroom

Bring the child into the shower and turn it on the hot setting until steam forms. The steam helps clear up the stuffiness before bedtime.