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Treating acid burns

One of the accidents that commonly occur at home usually involves acid spills. There are different forms of acids that are present in household cleaners such as battery acid and bleach. Most cases of acid burns are minor but there are also rare cases in which death occurred due to acid burns. Burns typically occur […]

Signs and symptoms of tetanus

Tetanus is a condition that affects the nervous system and has the potential to be lethal, but it can be prevented through immunization. The most common is generalized tetanus but it can be localized, affecting only a part of the body where the infected entered. In most cases, the infection can spread all over the […]

How to apply a tulle gras finger dressing

Wounds come in various sizes and shapes, thus each entails specific treatment and bandaging to guarantee proper healing and avoid infection. The tulle gras finger dressing initially started in France which is a type of bandaging in which a soft paraffin fabric is used together with olive oil and Peruvian balsam to prevent the fabric […]

How to bind a wound

Wounds usually include injuries that require stitches and sutures as part of the medical care. As for large-sized wounds from injuries that are gaping or deep, it would require immediate medical attention. Nevertheless, minor cuts or abrasions are not serious and you can easily care for them at home with first aid measures. It is […]

What Are Antibiotics?

Antibiotic ointments are topical ointments that are usually found in an oil base to kill bacteria and prevent potential infections. The ointment is to be applied to affected areas of the skin that may be susceptible to infections—these include burns, minor cuts, and abrasions. Do NOT use antibiotic ointment on puncture wounds, severe burns or […]

First Aid for Cuts

Cuts (also called lacerations) are slits or an opening in the skin which lead to mild or heavy bleeding. A cut may be in any form, it may be smooth, jagged or deep. It may be superficial or it may affect blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, nerves, muscles, blood or even bones. Symptoms Pain Bleeding Impaired […]