Can whiskey cause damage to the throat?

Whiskey is basically an alcoholic beverage with many variations in different parts of the globe. When an individual drinks whiskey most of the time, there are various risks involved and many worry that the sting on the back of the throat caused by drinking whiskey can be a warning sign of serious health issues.

What is whiskey?

Whiskey is a type of liquor that is produced from grains and allowed to age in wooden barrels in order to achieve a certain taste. There are several varieties of whiskey depending on the type of wood and the time span that it was stored in the barrel.

Whiskey has a high alcohol volume of 40% or higher. Take note that this alcoholic beverage can be taken on its own as a shot or combined with water for a pure whisky flavor or even mixed into other drinks to conceal the flavor of whiskey.

Whiskey-throat damage

The whiskey is known to trigger a stinging sensation in the mouth and throat once consumed, thus making it an unappealing beverage for many individuals.

Stinging sensation

The whiskey is known to trigger a stinging sensation in the mouth and throat once consumed, thus making it an unappealing beverage for many individuals. Take note that the stinging or burning sensation in the throat is caused by the presence of alcohol in the beverage which is considered antiseptic in nature and provides a cleaning effects that can irritate and kill both germs and cells, including the healthy cells inside the throat. Remember that it can cause a certain degree of discomfort momentarily and in the long run, it can cause other health issues.

What are the possible throat issues?

Some throat issues can be marked by fever and difficulty in talking or swallowing. In some cases, there are visible bumps on the back of the throat along with wheezing and coughing. The mucus often develops and drains down on the rear part of the throat which causes chest congestion.

A sore throat is quite common when the individual has flu or cold, but pain or soreness in the throat can occur due to other causes. Strep throat can cause a lot of discomfort and due to a bacterial infection. Another condition is bronchitis, which is a chronic irritation of the bronchial tree that typically occurs due to factors including smoking. In rare cases, sore can develop at the back part of the throat. If you want to properly manage these conditions, read here.

Overall effects of whiskey

On a short term basis, consumption of whiskey will not cause any substantial damage to the throat. When consumed, it can dry out the throat which causes irritation and add additional strain among those who talk or sing frequently.

In the long run, regular and excessive intake of whiskey can increase the risk of the individual for cancer in the throat or in any part of the digestive tract. Take note that whiskey can increase the risk just like with other liquors of similar alcohol content such as rums and vodka. Even though whiskey can cause some side effects on the throat, it is the alcohol content in the beverage that causes most of the damage in other parts of the body.


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