Broken elbow

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To treat a broken elbow, follow these treatment steps:

Treating a Broken Elbow

1. Reduce the swelling

  • If a bone is protruding out, do not try to put it back into place
  • Apply ice on the affected region using an ice pack or ice wrapped in a moist towel

 2. Immobilize the affected elbow. For injuries that are not very serious, follow these steps:

  • Do not try to move the affected elbow to remove any clothing. Simply try to cut the sleeve off carefully without harming the elbow
  • If you can, splint the elbow above and below it using an elastic fabric or clean fabric without moving the elbow. You can use rolled-up newspapers, cardboard or any other tough material to splint your injury
  • If possible, place some padding between the boney regions of your arm and the splints
  • Prepare a sling and tuck the affected arm into it. Sling the fabric around the casualty’s neck and tie both ends behind the neck

3. Once you have properly treated your elbow, see you doctor immediately for further medical treatment

Your doctor may take an X-ray and examine your arm by checking your Broken elbowfeeling and motion to find out the severity of the damage–whether there is any tendon or nerve damage in the elbow due to the impact of the injury.

A cast and splint will be applied by your doctor, if needed. In case of major fractures, surgery may be required.

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