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Soap allergy: Am I allergic?

Soap allergy is due to the inflammation or irritation of certain parts of the body. Oftentimes, an individual can develop an allergic reaction to soap which usually affects the skin. Always bear in mind that these reactions usually affect individuals who frequently washes their hands. Even though soap allergy rarely triggers any serious health problems, […]

Chest rashes: What are the causes?

There are various conditions that can trigger the development of chest rashes. Rashes are described as non-specific indication of a skin condition that typically involves itchiness and reddening. It might appear as a flattened plaque, swollen patch or comprised of several small-sized red spots. In some cases, it can manifest as non-itchy scales. Among children, […]

Indications of pecan allergy

During pecan allergy, the immune system reacts to the proteins present in pecans and triggers symptoms such as shortness of breath, hives, vomiting, swollen throat and dizziness. There are some individuals who were diagnosed with pecan allergy. Food allergies usually affect young children more than the adults. Most of these allergies are triggered by common […]

Headaches: Why is alcohol a common trigger?

Getting a hangover is the usual outcome of heavy consumption of alcohol and includes headaches along with other symptoms. Even ingestion of moderate amounts can trigger headaches even without experiencing a hangover in some individuals. The headaches typically start within a few hours after drinking beverages that contain alcohol or delayed up to 16 hours […]

Can children have grape allergy?

Even though grapes are not included in the list of common allergens, grape allergy can develop in some children. Nevertheless, a child may not have an actual grape allergy, but simply a reaction to other substances present in grapes. If you suspect that your child has a reaction to grapes, it is essential to set […]