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Coral cuts

Coral cuts can occur since their exoskeletons can be sharp and rigid. Injuries can occur after accidental contact that usually leaves a small amount of animal protein and calcareous substance in the wound. Even though coral cuts are relatively small and appear harmless, they might rapidly develop into infected wounds. Take note that some corals […]

Sea urchin sting

A sea urchin has a hard shell with spines all over its body where some can be venomous. One can end up with a sting if the creature is handled directly. The usual causes of a sea urchin sting include the following: Exposure to a sea urchin in the ocean or at the beach Wading […]

Moray eel bite

A moral eel is a fish species with an elongated, snake-like form that can deliver a serious laceration or loss of a finger or toe. It is not aggressive but might attack if it feels threatened. What are the symptoms? The indications of a moral eel bite can range from minor or severe which generally […]

Iliotibial band syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome is defined by pain due to the inflammation of the iliotibial band as it passes the lateral condyle of the femur. If the legs are straightened, the fibers are in front of the condyle. If flexed, the fibers move across the lateral condyle and moves into the back. The iliotibial band is […]



Choking involves obstruction of the upper airway by food or any foreign objects that disrupts with normal breathing. An episode can result to a minor coughing episode, but full obstruction of the airway might result to death. Consequently, remember that this is an urgent medical situation that necessitates immediate attention. What are the indications? In […]

Graphite poisoning

Graphite is a form of crystalline carbon utilized in creating pencil lead, brake linings, batteries and refractory linings. Poisoning can occur by accident or intentional via intake of products that contain graphite via ingestion, usually pencil lead. Take note that graphite is a non-toxic substance but if swallowed, it can lead to choking among young […]

Dry cell battery poisoning

A dry cell battery is widely used for portable devices. It supplies power by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. They are available in various forms and sizes. There are various forms of dry cell battery including zinc-carbon, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal-hydride and lithium-iron-disulfide batteries. A dry cell battery is used in calculators, battery-operated toys, flashlights, clocks […]

Black eye

A black eye is a contusion surrounding the eye along with discoloration and swelling. It is generally brought about by direct force to the face or eye. The injury can be minor or serious which is based on the intensity of the cause. What are the causes? Head injuries Blunt injury or trauma to the […]

Acquired torticollis

Torticollis is a muscle disorder resulting to a twisted neck or a head that is tilted sideways. This is due to the abnormal muscular contractions in the neck muscles. If the condition is acquired, it is believed to occur spontaneously due to an underlying physiological irregularity, injuries to the area, infections and presence of debilitating […]

Mallet toe

A mallet toe is a deformity in which the distal toe joint is flexed downwards, resulting to a mallet-like appearance. The condition is prevalent among women who wear high-heeled shoes with a narrow toe box. Although it typically affects the 2nd toe, it can still affect the other small toes as well. In most cases, […]