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Cashew: Close look on the signs?

An allergic reaction to cashew generally affects the skin, respiratory and digestive system. Throughout the years, the tree nut has gained a reputation of being a serious ailment. Even though peanut remains as a common form of food allergy, cashew might pose as a higher risk for anaphylaxis. What are the skin reactions? The initial […]

Dealing with a surgical wound

A surgical wound is basically an incision in the skin by a scalpel during surgery. This type of wound is made during the placement of a drain. Generally, surgical wounds tend to vary in size. In most cases, they are sealed with sutures but oftentimes left open to recuperate. What are the types? A surgical […]

What is papilledema?

Papilledema is a condition affecting the eye once pressure in the brain results to the swelling of the optic nerve. The condition has a variety of causes. A mild case with symptoms that do not disrupt with life is not an issue of concern. In some cases, though, it might be an indication of an […]

What is hypersensitivity vasculitis?

Hypersensitivity vasculitis is brought about by a bodily response to a drug. The common medications associated with the condition include: Some antibiotics such as sulfa drugs and penicillin Some drugs for blood pressure control Allopurinol for gout Phenytoin (anti-seizure drug) There are also chronic bacterial infections or even viruses that can trigger this form of […]

Overview on ankle ulcers

Ankle ulcers are described as open sores or lesions that slowly heals or keep recurring. An ulcer occurs due to the breakdown of skin tissue and can be painful. The venous stasis ulcers are the most prevalent form of ankle ulcers. What are the causes? The venous stasis ankle ulcers are generally caused by chronic […]

Close look on nickel allergy

Nickel allergy is a harmful immune response of the body that arises if exposed to any product that includes nickel. Nickel is a metal with a distinct silver color that is naturally present in the environment. It is also combined with other metals and utilized in creating various items such as: Coins Jewelry Keys Eyeglass […]

What is leishmaniasis?

Leishmaniasis is a form of parasitic condition brought about by the parasite Leishmania which is present in sand flies. One can acquire this condition after being bitten by a sand fly. The sand flies that harbor the parasite generally thrive in subtropical and tropical regions. What are the types? Leishmaniasis has 3 forms – cutaneous, […]

What is typhus?

Typhus is a condition triggered by infection by one or several rickettsial bacteria. Mites, fleas, ticks or lice transmit the bacteria after a bite. Once fleas, ticks, mites or lice carrying the rickettsial bacteria bites a human, they transmit the bacteria responsible for causing typhus. If the site is scratched, it further opens the skin […]