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Shallow breathing: What are the causes?

Shallow breathing might be an upsetting and possibly dangerous sign if left untreated. Individuals who develop shallow breathing might end up with wheezing and cyanosis. Oftentimes, it might be brought about by fluid buildup inside the lungs. In some instances, it might be due to trauma or an infection. Luckily, the usual causes can be […]

Tonsillectomy: Measures to promote the recovery process

Tonsillectomy is a procedure that involves removal of the tonsils. The tonsils are 2 areas of lymph tissues on each side of the throat. Several cases of throat infections involve the tonsils which causes issues such as sleep apnea which necessitates their removal. The procedure is done most often among children but adults who experience […]

Dangers of ice hockey

Ice hockey is a sport responsible for causing various injuries. The combination of contact with other players along with rapid-moving puck and slippery ice puts one at high risk for injuries. Luckily, using the right protective gear can protect one from common injuries in the sport. Head injuries from ice hockey One of the prevalent […]

Seat belt injuries: What are the indications?

Seat belt and airbags are vital tools in preventing serious vehicular accidents. Nevertheless, these devices can also result to physical issues. Seat belt injuries might not always be evident. There are signs to watch out after an accident that might indicate further injury from seat belts. What are the usual signs of seat belt injuries? […]

Migratory arthritis: What are the usual causes?

Migratory arthritis is an infrequent ailment where the symptoms move from one joint to a different one. Generally, the symptoms include pain, redness, swelling, stiffness and warmth. In most instances, the root is an underlying condition. It is vital to monitor any symptoms present, along with measures that lessens them and factors that worsen them. […]

Arthritis: How to deal with lumbar pain

Chronic lumbar pain from arthritis can be relieved with both medical and self-care measures. Dealing with the pain caused by arthritis involves controlling the inflammation and the accompanying stiffness and swelling. Measures to manage lumbar pain The individual should rest in bed for up to 2 days to alleviate the inflammation. It is recommended to […]

How to control bunion pain

A bunion is likely to develop if an individual wears tight-fitting shoes, high heels or shoes with pointy toes. If an individual was born with irregular foot bones, he/she is prone to develop a bunion. It is important to note that a bunion forms as a bony lump at the region of the foot where […]