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Dislocated shoulder: How to care for one

A dislocated shoulder occurs if the arm bone moves out of the shoulder socket. Even though the shoulder is highly versatile and mobile, it is still susceptible to injury. An injury might be due to a direct blow or excessive rotation. The usual indications of the injury include: Evident deformity Abrupt swelling Significant shoulder pain […]

Pinched ulnar nerve: Bench press injuries

A pinched ulnar nerve might occur if an individual engages in bench press exercises. It is important to note that the ulnar nerve branches out from a bundle of nerves specifically the brachial plexus. At the elbow level, the ulnar nerve moves under the cubital tunnel which is a tissue band that secures it against […]

Overview on shin splints

Shin splints is usually brought about by exercise. It is common among individuals who engage in a lot of running or other activities involving repeated placement of weight on the legs such as in basketball or tennis. The condition is not usually serious but can prevent the individual from exercising and even worsens if ignored. […]

Close look on the flu

The flu is a common viral condition that spreads via sneezing and coughing. It can be quite unpleasant but the individual usually starts to feel better in a week. One can acquire the condition at any time of the year, but common during the winter which is why it is called as the seasonal flu. […]

Acute respiratory distress syndrome

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a dangerous ailment where the lungs could not supply adequate oxygen to the vital organs in the body. The condition is generally a complication of a severe current health ailment. Most individuals have already been hospitalized by the time they develop ARDS. What are the causes? Acute respiratory distress […]

What is irritable hip?

Irritable hip is a prevalent childhood condition that triggers symptoms such as limping and hip pain. Generally, the pain is not intense but the child might be unwilling to place any weight on the affected leg. In some instances, the condition might also cause: Thigh or knee pain Limited movement in one of the hip […]

Overview on compartment syndrome

Compartment syndrome is a sore and potentially serious ailment brought about by swelling or bleeding inside an enclosed muscle bundle or “compartment”. In every muscle group in the legs and arms along with the adjacent nerves and blood vessels, it is contained in a space enclosed by tissue known as the fascia. The condition develops […]

What is a slipped disc?

A slipped disc involves damage to one of the cartilage discs in the spine where it presses on the nerves. This is commonly known as a herniated disc. Indications A slipped disc can be triggered by back and neck pain. Other usual symptoms include a tingling sensation, numbness and weakness in other body parts. The […]