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Close look on jaw pain

Jaw pain can be an incapacitating condition that disrupts with ability to speak and eat. Various factors can trigger jaw pain that might involve the sinuses, ears, teeth or the jaw itself. What are the causes of jaw pain? Most cases of jaw pain are triggered by an injury or abnormality to the jaw joint, […]

What should I know about tomato allergy?

Tomato allergy is considered as a type 1 hypersensitivity to tomatoes or commonly called as contact allergies. If an individual with this form of allergy is exposed to an allergen such as tomato, histamine is released into the exposed areas such as the nose, skin, respiratory and digestive tracts. Even though tomatoes and tomato-based products […]

How to deal with casein allergy

Casein is the protein present in milk and other dairy products. An individual with casein allergy arises if the body wrongly identifies casein as a threat. A reaction is triggered by the body to fight it off. Indications of casein allergy Hives Rashes Wheezing Vomiting Breathing issues Food malabsorption What are the causes? Casein allergy […]