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What is carotid stenosis?

Carotid stenosis involves narrowing or blockage of the carotid arteries. The left and right carotid arteries transport oxygenated blood to the brain. When you place your index finger beneath the angle of the jaw, the carotids pulsate. This condition is considered dangerous since it reduces the flow of blood to the brain. In case the […]

What is the bird flu?

The bird flu or avian influenza is a viral infection that affects birds, humans and other animals. Most forms of the virus only affect birds. The prevalent form of bird flu is H5N1 which is fatal to birds and easily affect humans and animals that are exposed to the carrier. At the present, the virus […]

What is acute cerebellar ataxia?

Acute cerebellar ataxia is an ailment that occurs once the cerebellum is damaged or inflamed. It is important to note that the cerebellum is the part of the brain responsible for controlling muscle coordination and gait. Individuals with acute cerebellar ataxia often end up with poor coordination and have difficulty performing normal tasks. It usually […]

What is digitalis toxicity?

Digitalis toxicity occurs if excess digitalis is used. This is a medication given to manage heart conditions. The condition can be prevented by monitoring the intake of digitalis to ensure that not too much is taken. Possible causes If an individual experiences digitalis toxicity, the body could not tolerate the dosage taken. Excess intake of […]

Hiatal hernia

Hiatal hernia forms once the upper region of the stomach drives through the diaphragm and into the chest area. It is important to note that the diaphragm is a large muscle positioned amidst the abdomen and chest and allows breathing. Generally, the stomach is beneath the diaphragm but among those with hiatal hernia, a region […]

Burning diarrhea: What are the causes?

Burning diarrhea can cause an undesirable experience for anyone. Having loose stools is not a pleasant experience but if it triggers a burning sensation, it can make the condition even worse for most. What are the causes? There are various causes for burning diarrhea. It is vital to consult a doctor for further assessment if […]

Papular urticaria

Papular urticaria is an allergic reaction to insect stings or bites. The condition results to itchy and reddened bumps on the skin. Some of these bumps can become blisters filled with fluid which are called as vesicles or bullae depending on the size. The condition is prevalent among children between 2-10 years old. It can […]