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Hypoglycemia is a common issue in some individuals. It often affects infants and the elderly but can occur at any age. Essentially, hypoglycemia occurs if the serum glucose level drops below 70 mg/dL. The indications of hypoglycemia usually manifest at levels below 60 mg/dL. Some can experience the symptoms above this level. If the level […]

Care for human bites

There are various measures when caring for human bites. The management of a human bite can range from the application of ice packs for swelling or even surgery depending on the severity of the bite. When it comes to serious bites, prompt treatment is vital to reduce the risk for infection. Home remedies for human […]

Hay fever

Hay fever is basically an allergic reaction. It occurs as a response of the immune system to the presence of a foreign material in the air breathed in. A reaction is triggered by allergens such as mold and pollen. What are the indications? The characteristic indications of hay fever include the following: Postnasal drip Sneezing […]

First aid for a drowning individual

Drowning can occur in both adults and children when staying close to bodies of water. During drowning, the earlier the individual is removed from the water and administration of first aid, the higher the chance for survival. Management of drowning The objective of first aid care for a drowning person is to provide oxygen into […]

Possible causes of eye allergies

Eye allergies often involve the conjunctiva. This is the transparent film of mucous membrane that covers the eyes. It is the same form of mucous sheath that lines the interior side of the nose. Since these two membranes are strikingly similar, the same allergens can instigate the same allergic response in both areas. What are […]

Management for a black eye

Most cases of black eye can be managed at home. The commonly used treatment choices include over-the-counter pain medications, application of ice and adequate rest. It is vital to seek medical care if the eye becomes infected or does not heal within 2 weeks. Self-care for a black eye Adequate rest and application of ice […]

Dealing with abuse: Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines are medications that are commonly called as minor tranquilizers or anxiolytics. They are some of the widely-prescribed medications in different countries. If an individual without prescription use these drugs for their sedating or intoxicating effects, it later results to abuse. The drugs act on the central nervous system which produces sedation and relaxation of […]


Angina is simply a symptom, not a disease. If an individual has angina, any of the following are the usual indications: Uncomfortable fullness, pressure, squeezing or pain in the middle of the chest Burning, tightness or heavy weight in the chest Pain radiates to the neck, shoulders or arms Discomfort is in the upper abdomen, […]

Child care: Close look on asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition affecting the air passages in the lungs. These airways become narrowed and the linings become irritated, swollen and inflamed. Among those with asthma, the airways are irritated and swollen, even if the indications are not constantly present. The severity and degree of airway inflammation tends to vary over time. Children […]