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Slipped disc

A slipped disc occurs if one of the cartilage discs in the spine is impaired and compresses on the nerves which is marked by neck and back pain. Other symptoms that will manifest include: Numbness Tingling sensation Weakness in other parts of the body The sciatic nerve is often involved in most cases of slipped […]


Appendicitis involves inflammation of the appendix. It is a 3 ½ inch tube made out of tissue that extends from the large intestine. The exact function of the appendix is still not determined. Remember though that an individual can function even if it is absent, without any consequences. Appendicitis is considered as a medical emergency […]

What is paracetamol?

Paracetamol is a widely used medication for treating pain and lowering high body temperature or fever. The medication is utilized to alleviate mild or moderate pain such as due to toothache, headache or sprains as well as reduce fever brought about by various conditions such as the flu or common cold. This medication is often […]


Mastitis is a condition that causes the breast tissues among women to become inflamed and painful. It is common among breastfeeding women particularly within the initial 3 months after birth. If mastitis is due to breastfeeding, it is called lactation mastitis. As for non-breastfeeding women, it is called periductal mastitis. Indications of mastitis Mastitis typically […]

How to use ice packs

Ice packs are used to alleviate pain, inflammation and swelling from various injuries and other conditions including arthritis. Various forms of cold and ice packs Ice pack Store about 1 lb. of ice in a plastic bag or commercial pack at pharmacies. Add sufficient water to cover the ice. Get rid of any air out […]

Eye injuries

Eye injuries can occur in various settings, including at home, workplace or while playing sports. An injury can be avoided by using proper protective gear. Common forms of eye injuries Direct blow to the eye – being struck by a ball or fist Foreign bodies – includes small pieces of wood, grit or metal particles […]


Dysentery is an infection affecting the intestines that results to diarrhea that contains mucus or blood. Other indications include nausea or vomiting, abdominal cramping and fever of 38 degrees C or higher. Most individuals with dysentery only have mild symptoms. In such cases, it is not needed to consult a doctor since it settles within […]