Archive | May, 2016

Brown recluse spider bite: Possible effects

The brown recluse spider is one of the few species that are capable of triggering significant bites. These spiders are also called as fiddle back spiders due to their distinctive violin-shaped mark on their backs right behind the eyes. Even though all brown recluse spider bites are tender, most usually subside on their own within […]

Gum disease: Measures to manage the pain

Gum disease or gingivitis involves inflammation and infection of the gums that can eventually lead to tooth loss. The condition develops once bacteria that is already present in the plaque starts to multiply and invade the gums by triggering inflammation. As the bacteria continues to destroy the gum tissues, pockets form which loosens the teeth […]

How to manage minor tooth pain

Tooth pain even minor cases can affect daily life at home or while at work. The tooth pain can cause discomfort when eating, moving the head, talking or even smiling. Since even minor tooth pain can indicate a serious dental or medical condition, it is vital to fully understand the potential causes and suitable remedies […]

Foot issues: Cold therapy

Cold therapy is a home remedy that is a medically proven measure in minimizing pain and inflammation. It is beneficial for athletes who sustained major injuries but also for those who endured strain on the tissues and muscles in the feet. Many utilize cold therapy using ice packs, frozen vegetables or simply cold water. Cold […]