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Elbow popping during push-ups

Elbow popping that occurs during push-ups is a normal occurrence that will not cause any future issues. On the other hand, there are exceptions that you should be familiar with. If the individual consistently experiences elbow popping that irritates the joint, it can lead to swelling and pain. This can also worsen any underlying condition […]

Common types of infection: Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection is a condition in which bacteria from outside the body enter via the urinary tract to trigger inflammation and infection. The infection usually involves the urethra, bladder or kidneys. In most cases, cystitis is the most prevalent type of urinary tract infection which affects the bladder. Indications of urinary tract infection Urinary […]

Shoulder tendinitis

Shoulder tendinitis is a common cause of shoulder pain and rigidity. The shoulder joint is stabilized by a muscle group known as the rotator cuff along with the bicipital tendon that holds the upper arm bone inside the shoulder socket. What is the cause? Take note that shoulder tendinitis occurs as an outcome of sports […]