Archive | February, 2016

Frequent headaches in children: What are the possible causes?

Headaches have been considered as common childhood ailment and can occur among school-age children. There are various causes of frequent headaches among children. Always bear in mind that these headaches despite excruciating are usually harmless. It is vital for parents to consult a doctor if a child wakes up from sleep with a headache and […]

Back issues: Pain in the low back

Millions of individuals all over the world suffer from chronic low back pain. There are various factors that trigger the discomfort in the lower back that can be due to poor posture or working habits, conditions such as arthritis or other degenerative changes to the spine. Low back pain might also be an indication of […]

Femoral nerve damage

Femoral nerve damage can be due to various factors. The femoral nerve is responsible for conveying nerve impulses from the leg up to the spinal cord. The motor nerves supply the muscles of extension which enable the legs to straighten at the knees. The sensory nerves obtain feedback from the front aspect of the thigh […]

Spinal stress fractures

Spinal stress fractures are characterized as small-sized cracks in the vertebrae or bones of the back. There are various conditions that can trigger stress fractures of the spine. The ensuing back pain can be caused by issues with the tendons, muscles, ligaments or nerves that are found throughout the spinal column. The ideal way to […]

Shoulder instability: Overstretched arms

Shoulder instability puts an individual at risk for injuries such as sprains, strains and dislocations. Once the arms and shoulders are overly stretched out, the tendons, muscles and ligaments become lengthened beyond their normal range of motion that leads to shoulder instability. Once an individual ends up with a shoulder injury, a doctor should be […]