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What is mumps?

Mumps is a communicable condition that is caused by paramyxovirus. If a child is not vaccinated, he/she will develop the disease. Even though mumps is considered as a mild condition, there is the possibility for serious complications. Indications of mumps The symptoms of this disease are usually mild in nature. Generally, many individuals who develop […]

What is methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)?

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus or MRSA is a serious infection that is highly resistant to various commonly used antibiotics including methicillin where its name was derived. In the previous years, it is quite common in the healthcare setting, but recently emerged in the community as well. The MRSA infections common in the community are skin infections. Once […]

What is malaria?

Malaria develops once the blood is infected with parasites that are carried by mosquitoes. It is important to note that there are 5 types of parasites that can affect humans. The condition is still a serious threat in different parts of the world. It is not only a threat to those who live in these […]

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain damage due to a direct strike, jolt or thud to the head. The abrupt movement triggers the brain within to bounce around or twist which leads to stretching that damages the brain cells and triggers chemical changes in the brain. The jolt to the body can result to […]

What is epistaxis?

Epistaxis or nosebleed can be a scary ordeal for some individuals. Most cases can be readily managed at home but others require medical attention. The function of our nose is to warm and moisten the inhaled air. The nose is lined with blood vessels that are positioned close to the surface where they can be […]

Poisoning: Proper care for different types of poisoning

Almost every year, many individuals from all age groups require medical care for poisoning due to products that are found around the house. These potentially poisonous substances include cleaning products, medications, insecticides, swimming pool products, radiator coolants, herbicides, cosmetics and petrol. Most victims of unintentional poisoning are children. It is important to note that children […]

Am I allergic to alcoholic beverages?

Alcoholic beverages have been enjoyed throughout the years and many have also experienced undesirable side effects of these beverages.  It is sad to note that some individuals suffer from undesirable reactions if alcohol is ingested. There are various reasons for these reactions aside from allergies. Allergic reaction to alcohol beverages It is likely for some […]

What is cosmetic allergy?

Cosmetic allergy is characterized by blistering, itchy skin typically triggered by direct exposure of a particular substance on the skin. There are 2 types of contact dermatitis – allergic and irritant. Contact dermatitis is responsible for millions of cases worldwide. Women are more likely to be affected than males in which middle-aged adults and adolescents […]

Do I have hay fever?

Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is considered as one of the prevalent chronic diseases globally. It is one of the causes for chronic nasal and sinus issues. Young adults and children are the high-risk groups affected by the condition, but many older adults and elderly can also experience symptoms. Allergic rhinitis involves irritation and inflammation […]