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How to use a heating pad for gout

It is important to note that gout is a form of arthritis that triggers joint pain, especially the big toe. This condition typically occurs due to the increased production of uric acid in the body that transforms into crystals and builds-up into the joints in the body. This condition affects millions of individuals all over […]

Treatment for acute gout

An attack of acute gout can cause intense pain which is similar to a feeling as if the affected joint is on fire. Always bear in mind that gout is described as a complex form of arthritis that causes warm, reddened and inflamed joints. The condition typically affects the big toe and quite common among […]

Burn blisters on fingers

The fingers are often the first body parts that come in contact with sources of heat such as a flame, scalding steam or a hot burner. Other burns include electrical burns, sunburn and chemical burns. For a first-degree burn, it only affects the superficial or outermost skin layer which becomes sore and red. As for […]

How to remedy tonsillitis

The tonsils can help prevent infections in the body by filtering out bacteria and other microorganisms that enter via the nose and mouth. Always bear in mind that tonsillitis develops once a bacterial or viral infection becomes too strong for the immune system to fight off, thus resulting to inflammation and pain. The remedies for […]

Is a toddler having a seizure?

A seizure involves a surge of electrical activity that occurs in the brain abruptly. Depending on the type of seizure and the history of episodes experienced by the individual, there might be subtle indications that the individual might have before the seizure takes place. On the other hand, it is difficult to determine in small […]

What are the common types of seizures?

Once an individual experiences a seizure, there is disruption in the normal electrical activity in the brain. The indications of a seizure can range from muscle twitching to loss of consciousness. Always bear in mind that a seizure should not last longer than 15 minutes. Seizures are categorized into two main groups – generalized seizures […]

Indications of simple partial seizure

Most cases of seizures experienced by those who have epilepsy are described as simple seizures. A simple partial seizure can affect individuals of all ages. When a simple partial seizure occurs, the individual stays conscious throughout the episode. Take note that the symptoms tend to vary depending on the area of the brain that the […]