Archive | July, 2015

The Signs and Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Although schizophrenia means “split mind”, it does not mean, and is often a misnomer, that the person has a split personality. Instead, it is a psychotic disorder that is considered to be the most severe as it primarily affects how the person think, feels and acts. Thus, their perception of reality tends to be distorted […]

Lasting effects of an ankle sprain

When it comes to ankle sprains, they are considered as the most common injuries affecting the lower leg. This type of injury occurs once one or several ligaments that surround the 3 ankle joints are injured or damaged. The damage or injury to the ligaments can be mild where it is only stretched, moderate where […]

Ankle strain injuries during pregnancy

The swelling of the ankles during pregnancy occurs frequently but if the pain is present on one ankle and quite evident while walking or standing, it often indicates an injury from a sprain or strain. An ankle strain is not considered as common as ankle sprains, but these injuries have similar symptoms and modes of […]

Food allergy: Tofu

Tofu is a good source of protein for vegans, vegetarians and those who want to minimize the intake of meat products in their diet. Tofu is produced by the processing of soybeans to soy milk and transformed into curds. The process is similar with the production of cheese using cow’s milk. Even if tofu is […]

Degenerative arthritis: Foods to avoid

There are no official dietary guidelines to observe in managing degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis. A diet that is healthy focuses on certain foods and limits others can help manage the symptoms by reducing the inflammation and supporting weight control. Always bear in mind that the inflammation caused by degenerative arthritis causes swelling and pain around […]