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What is Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is part of a group of psychiatric conditions that involve excessive anxiety. This group is otherwise known as anxiety disorders. Although anxiety can be helpful in some situations such as during examinations wherein it pushes one to be better, pathologic anxiety that is excessive can often time be be disabling. This can […]

Migraines: Soda

Migraine headaches are known to cause extreme pain that can be debilitating. Some of the symptoms that are typically linked with migraines include a pulsating or throbbing pain in one area of the head. In most cases, the pain can be accompanied by nausea or vomiting along with sensitivity to light and sounds. It is […]

Indications of cervical pain in the neck

There are a number of symptoms linked with cervical pain. The pain in the neck can be triggered by various injuries or conditions and the pain can range from mild to severe or debilitating. Cervical spine issues can cause the manifestation of symptoms in other parts of the body and even though most of the […]

What are the symptoms of bile reflux gastritis?

Gastritis is described as a condition that involves constant irritation of the lining in the stomach. It is important to note that this inflammatory disorder has various causes including the use of certain medications, natural aging process, chronic bile reflux and bacterial infections. The symptoms of bile reflux associated with gastritis can cause discomfort and […]

Physical indications of stress

Stress is described as a mental state in which an individual feels as if he/she is taking on more than what he/she can handle. It can be triggered by situations in the family, work or in the environment. Even though stress is considered as a mental condition, it can have physical or actual symptoms that […]

Am I allergic to white flour?

An allergic reaction to white flour simply indicates an allergy to wheat. Even though most wheat allergies develop during the infant or toddler years, many children generally outgrow the allergy by the time they reach 3-5 years old. Allergic reactions to all-purpose flour and other wheat products rarely develop in adulthood. If an individual is […]

Possible causes of eye squinting

Eye squinting happens when an individual wrinkles his/her brow and compresses the upper and inferior eyelids closer. Take note that the wrinkly brow often differentiates squinting from an individual who has a constricted opening amid the eyelids naturally. In case constant or frequent squinting occurs, an individual should undergo an eye exam to determine the […]