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Types of lower extremity amputations

There are various types of lower extremity amputations including ankle, hip, knee and foot amputations. The rehabilitation tends to differ significantly depending on the type of amputation the individual had. Various types of walking aids and prostheses can be utilized for different types of amputations, thus the physical therapist must have an understanding of the […]

Meniscus tear

The meniscus is a cartilage present in the knee joint. It is made out of sturdy cartilage that conforms to the bone surfaces where they rest on. One meniscus is situated on the interior side of the knee while the other meniscus is on the exterior side of the knee. The knee joint is vital […]

What to do for a smelly cast?

Using a cast is a commonly used treatment in orthopedics, particularly fractures. It is often utilized in treating broken bones and also used after surgery or other conditions that require immobilization. It is sad to note that one can end up with a smelly cast after some time. Oftentimes, the smell can become quite bad. The […]


The sesamoid bones in the foot are tiny bones positioned beneath the first metatarsal bone, close to the big toe joint. Even though these bones are small in size, they can cause significant pain once damaged. The inflammation of the tissues that surround the sesamoid bones or a fracture causes severe pain under the ball […]

Close look on swimmer’s ear

Swimmer’s ear or otitis externa is an infection that affects the exterior ear. The condition is named as swimmer’s ear since it is prevalent among swimmers. Once water is trapped inside the ear while swimming along with germs, they will thrive due to the moist and warm conditions. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the bacteria responsible for […]

What is influenza B?

Even though we all know influenza as the flu, there are actually various sub-types of the virus as well as mutations that occur all the time. There are three major types of influenza – A, B and C. Both influenza A and B are responsible for causing outbreaks of the seasonal flu while influenza C […]

How long pneumonia lasts?

It is important to note that pneumonia is considered as a debilitating condition where the individual finds it difficult to breathe and seems to go on forever. Some individuals who acquire the condition are even hospitalized for treatment. Remember that it is often a complication of a certain disease or occurs after an upper respiratory […]

Latex allergy

Latex is not similar with other synthetic rubber materials such as petroleum or butyl-based synthetic products. It is important to note that paints labeled as “latex-based” contain a synthetic product that is not known to trigger issues among those who have latex allergy. Who develops latex allergy? The tendency of an individual to develop allergies […]


Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) are described as flat, wingless insects usually in brown or reddish color. The length is usually about halt of a centimeter and considered as well-known blood-sucking parasites that feed at night. The feedings typically last about 5-10 minutes and these insects can live on for months between meals which make them difficult […]

Ideal treatments for atopic dermatitis

Avoidance of the triggers for itchiness is the main priority for those who have atopic dermatitis or eczema. The environmental triggers should be reduced by avoiding nylon or wool which is rigid clothing that can irritate the skin and promote sweating. Instead, the individual should wear cotton-based clothing that has been washed using a mild […]