Archive | February, 2015

Management of jellyfish stings

When it comes to jellyfish stings, it is best that you are prepared with what to do in case you or a family member is accidentally stung. The treatment will depend on the type of jellyfish that caused the sting. By enrolling in a course on first aid today, you can readily manage this injury. […]

How to relieve knee pain with stair climbing

Knee pain can develop from various issues that range from arthritis, gout and even sports injuries. The complex network of ligaments, bones, muscles and tendons in the knee joint are susceptible to various medical issues. Once knee arthritis or a torn knee ligament occurs, walking, climbing stairs or simply standing can be painful. With this […]

Causes of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is divided into two major types depending on its cause – primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. If you want to learn how to manage the symptoms of this condition, read here. Primary hypertension It is not clear until today what causes this type of high blood pressure and not directly linked to […]

What are headache warning signs?

A headache is a common condition and most typically vanishes without causing any issues. Even cases of chronic headaches such as cluster headaches and migraines do not indicate a severe underlying issue. They do require treatment in order to improve the life of the individual, but will not put the life at risk. On the […]

Important seizure precautions

Individuals who have epilepsy can experience seizures from time to time. Some suffer them more frequently than others. Those who have epilepsy might find significant improvement with the help of modern treatment options. Medications are not the only aspect of treatment for epilepsy. The care for those who have seizures should be continuously observed and […]

How to determine your COPD triggers

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a chronic, persistent condition. There are various factors including environmental factors and lifestyle choices that can trigger flare-ups of COPD. It is important to identify and avoid these triggers to help the individual lead a better life. You can enroll in a first aid course so that you […]

Basic first aid for allergic reactions

The immune system is responsible for protecting the body against foreign substances through the production of antibodies. Oftentimes, the immune system identifies harmless substances as a threat. The usual allergens include pollen, bee venom and pet dander while the common food allergens include milk, peanuts, shellfish and wheat. If a family member has an allergy, it […]