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Initial signs of running knee pain

Knee injuries are quite common among athletes since movements such as jumping or running as well as fast turning place substantial force on the knees. Depending on the initial symptoms experienced by the individual, the injury might be linked to a variety of conditions and entail specific form of treatment. The knee joint is comprised […]

Treatment for chronic groin pain

It is important to note that groin injuries are considered as common sports injuries. Chronic groin pain is difficult to manage since the anatomy of the groin area is considered highly complex. The groin area is comprised of several joints and muscles and most circumstances of groin pain can be instigated by two or more […]

Ingrown toenail

When trimming the toenails too short, especially on the sides of the big toes, it can set the stage for an ingrown toenail. Just like with many individuals, when trimming toenails, the corners might be tapered so that the nail curves with the shape of the toe. On the other hand, this will encourage the […]

Turf toe

Turf toe is simply a sprain involving the main joint of the big toe. This occurs once the toe is forcibly bent up into hyperextension especially when pushing off into a sprint or having the toe stuck flat on the ground. A sprain involving the big toe joint is quite common among those who play […]

What is a snapping hip?

A snapping hip is a condition where the individual feels snapping or hear a cracking sound in the hip when walking, swinging the leg or getting up from a seated position. Remember that the snapping sensation occurs once the tendon or muscle moves over a bony protrusion in the hip. Even though snapping hip is […]

What is Boutonnière deformity?

If you have not heard about Boutonnière deformity before, it is an injury to the tendons that are responsible for straightening the middle joint of the finger. As a result, the middle joint of the damaged finger will no longer straighten while the fingertip bends back. Unless the injury is promptly treated, the deformity will […]

Management of clavicle fracture

A clavicle fracture is considered as a common fracture that can occur among individuals of all ages. The clavicle is situated between the ribcage and the shoulder blade and connects the arm to the body. The clavicle is positioned above several vital nerves and blood vessels. Nevertheless, these important structures are hardly damaged once the […]