Archive | November, 2014

How to manage an ant bite on a toddler

Ant bites are not as common as mosquito or spider bites but can cause localized swelling, redness and even an allergic reaction in rare cases. You have to instruct a toddler to avoid any ant piles and if bites were sustained, you have to clean the bite site right away to prevent infection from developing. […]

Important poison safety measures for children

The ingestion of poison can occur in different parts of the world and the usual victims are children. Most cases typically occur at home when parents or caretakers left children unsupervised. Poisoning among children usually occurs after ingestion of medication, personal care products, cleaning agents, furniture polish, pesticides, lamp oil, antifreeze, gasoline and kerosene. There […]

How to manage radiation burns

It is a known fact that burns should be categorized by a healthcare professional. Even though a burn can be categorized as a minor one, it can still cause discomfort to the individual. Take note that there are specific charts that are utilized to assess the type of burn and the percentage of the body […]

Management for an electrical burn

It is a known fact that electricity is responsible for providing power to almost all the appliances used in the house. Throughout the years, it has been an indispensable force but can be dangerous if proper measures are not carefully observed. Electricity is capable of passing through the human body and can quickly cause burn […]

Management measures for bronchial pneumonia

Bronchial pneumonia is a condition that affects the bronchioles which are the tubes that lead to the lungs. This condition affects millions of individuals every year especially the elderly and those who have a weakened immune system. Various bacteria, viruses and fungi can trigger bronchial pneumonia. The treatment typically depends on the severity of the […]