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What are the indications of septic shock?

Septic shock is basically an abrupt drop in the blood pressure triggered by sepsis. It is important to note that sepsis develops when an individual has an infection that causes the immune system to drastically alter how the blood system works, initiating the blood to form several small-sized clots. In most cases, an infection […]

What is septic shock?

Septic shock is a health condition that develops once the body of the individual is peppered with infection. Most cases of infection in the body are localized but a systemic infection can occur which is called sepsis. When sepsis occurs, the body of the individual could not fight off the infection and the whole body […]

Management of a torn hamstring

The hamstring muscle is situated in the rear part of the thigh. This muscle straightens and rotates the leg as well as bending the knee. If the individual has a strained or pulled hamstring, it can lead to a certain degree of discomfort when the leg is being straightened and can make it painful to […]

How to manage acute arm pain

Acute arm pain is described by the abrupt onset of mild to severe discomfort that manifests on any part of the arm ranging from the wrist up to the shoulder. The main cause of acute arm pain usually includes injuries to the muscles, bones and tendons on the affected limb. In some cases, illnesses and […]

What are the pressure points for migraines?

It is important to note that migraine headaches has affected millions of individuals all over the world and can be severe that it can force an individual to drop by in the emergency department for treatment. An alternative mode of treatment usually involves the application of pressure using the fingertips to several pressure points on […]

What are the possible causes of quick abdominal weight gain?

It is a known fact that excess amount of calories and not enough exercise will eventually lead to weight gain. Many individuals all over the world are considered as obese. The factors to blame include poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. In some cases, quick abdominal weight gain might indicate an underlying health condition. […]

Management of a swollen eyelid

If the individual wakes up with a swollen eyelid, it can be alarming for some. This will not only make it difficult to see clearly, but it can also indicate an underlying health condition. A¬†swollen eyelid can be treated at home but if it does not respond to treatment, it is best to consult a […]