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Causes of lung scarring

It is important to note that lung scarring can cause a myriad of health issues that can range from breathing difficulty and even lack of sufficient oxygen intake for proper functioning of the body organs. By understanding the causes of lung tissue damage, it will help the individual choose the appropriate choices for lifestyle habits. […]

What are the symptoms of gelatin allergy?

Gelatin is basically a product that is commonly linked with the food industry. Gelatin is a derivative of collage which is considered as a naturally occurring protein present in the tendons, bones and skin of veal and beef. It is important to note that gelatin is also a main component in various childhood vaccinations such […]

What is metatarsalgia?

Many runners usually develop pain in the ball of the foot which is called as metatarsalgia. It is important to note that the bones under the feet are called as metatarsals. Due to the impact sustained from running, it adds pressure on the ends of these bones, resulting to foot pain. Prolonged running can eventually […]

What is the main cause of knee hyperextension?

It is important to note that knee hyperextension takes place once pressure is applied on the knee that bends it backward way beyond its normal straightened position. The common causes of knee hyperextension usually include dance, sports, fall and even vehicular accidents. The treatment options for knee hyperextension include administration of over-the-counter pain medications and […]

Managing a hand burn

When treating a hand burn, it usually depends on the severity of the burn. This type of burn can occur at home or in the workplace and most are by accident such as touching a kettle of boiling water. A hand burn can be treated at home if the symptoms include minimal pain and irritation. […]