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Treatment for infant wounds

Seeing blood on an infant can cause any parent to panic. On the other hand, most wounds are usually minor and can be easily treated at home with appropriate first aid care. Scrapes and cuts cannot be avoided since they are part of growing up and once the infant becomes mobile, he/she is more likely […]

What are the symptoms of aspiration pneumonia?

Aspiration pneumonia is basically a type of pneumonia that is triggered by the inhalation of noxious substances. An individual who accidentally inhales the stomach contents has been a common cause of aspiration pneumonia in most cases. A main risk factor for this condition is impaired consciousness while contributing factors include stroke, head injury, seizure, drug […]

What is pea allergy?

Peas belong to the same family as peanuts, thus capable of triggering an allergic reaction among individuals who have peanut allergy. Pea allergy is considered as an adverse reaction of the immune system to the specific proteins that are present in peas. An individual who experiences an allergic reaction when peas are eaten or direct […]

What are the side effects of caffeine withdrawal?

Caffeine works by blocking the brain receptors that can dilate the blood vessels. This can lead to some withdrawal symptoms such as headaches. Energy drinks, teas, chocolate and colas usually contain caffeine in smaller doses. Those who consume these products on a regular basis might experience the withdrawal symptoms once they stop. It is important […]

An introduction to gluten allergy

Gluten is basically a grain protein that is derived from rye, wheat, barley and sometimes from oats. If an individual has gluten allergy, foods that are made out of these grains will trigger an allergic response. It is important to note that gluten allergy can cause damage to the lining of the intestines and disrupts […]

Palm tree allergy

Are you allergic to palm trees? It is important to note that palm tree allergy is triggered by the seasonal pollen produced by these tropical trees. The varieties of palm trees typically bloom between January and June, depending on the climate in a particular area. Take note that palm tree allergies are common due to […]

What are the signs and symptoms of eye allergies?

Eye allergies are considered as a common nuisance and can be confused with conjunctivitis or pink eye. Based on statistics, individuals who believed that they have conjunctivitis actually have eye allergies. The symptoms of an eye allergy are initiated by allergens such as mold, dust, pet danderĀ and pollen. These allergens are not always avoidable and […]

Allergy to apricot

Apricots are considered highly nutritious but can cause health problems for individuals who are allergic to the fruit. In most cases, individuals who are allergic to apricots have other fruit or pollen allergies, especially to birch pollen. On the other hand, some reactions to apricots are not allergic but simply indicate food intolerance to the […]