Archive | August, 2014

What is the sciatic nerve?

The sciatic nerve is basically a big nerve that starts from the inferior spinal cord and runs down the rear part of the leg and into the sole of the foot. It is important to note that this nerve is responsible for transmitting sensory information from these areas to the spinal cord which then transmits […]

What are the causes of abrupt joint pain?

There are some medical conditions that can cause the manifestation of abrupt joint pain. It is important to note that this pain can be triggered by infectious diseases, autoimmune conditions, overuse, trauma and deteriorating issues. Abrupt joint pain can also occur in a single joint or several joints while its severity can either be mild […]

Causes of posterior vitreous detachment

The vitreous is best described as the gel-like substance that is connected to the retina at various points on the rear of the eye. In case the vitreous becomes disconnected from the retina, there are various outcomes such as no effect at all, appearance of floaters or flashing lights or even lead to a retinal […]

Soothing an ear infection

It is important to note that an ear infection is usually triggered by a virus which affects the area right behind the eardrum which is commonly referred to as the middle ear. Ear infections are quite common among children but even adults can also suffer from pain and pressure of an ear infection as well. […]