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Cinnamon allergy

Once an individual is allergic to a particular element, the body reacts in a way in which it perceives that there is a threat present. This reaction can trigger certain reactions in the body such as swelling or excessive sneezing and even watery eyes. Take note that every individual responds differently to various substances. Those […]

Is there a cure for birch allergy?

Every spring season, many individuals suffer from allergies to pollen that is produced by various trees and grasses during their initial growth. The pollen released by birch trees has been considered the most common triggers for hay fever. The characteristic symptoms of the condition include congested or runny nose, itchy and water eyes. Just like […]

What are the side effects of sinus medications?

Sinus medications both over-the-counter and prescribed can provide a number of benefits when treating sinusitis. The benefits on the other hand can also be accompanied by undesirable side effects that you have to be well aware of. It is vital to learn the possible side effects of sinus medications before they are taken. Some of […]

What are the side effects of antihistamines?

Antihistamines are commonly used to help alleviate the symptoms once an individual experiences an allergic reaction to a particular allergen. This medication has been used throughout the years in treating various kinds of allergies. Just like with any medication, there are certain side effects as well as contraindications when using antihistamines that you should be […]

Do you have cat allergy?

There are some individuals who experience an allergic response to pets such as cats and dogs. Cat allergy is considered more common though. It is a known fact that cats typically shed dander that can easily trigger allergies. Pet hair can also contain other potential allergens such as pollen. Once an individual develops an allergic […]

Gluten intolerance symptoms

When it comes to gluten intolerance, the symptoms tend to vary from one individual to another but are consistent enough that you can easily identify them even without consulting a doctor. Nevertheless, a doctor will help confirm the diagnosis and even check for celiac disease. There are certain considerations to bear in mind in order […]

Symptoms of peanut butter allergy

Allergies to peanut and peanut products particular peanut butter are considered as common food allergies and these allergies often manifest during a child’s first years. Even though some ultimately outgrow food allergies, most do not outgrow allergies to peanuts. Always bear in mind that peanut butter allergy is dangerous and can likely trigger anaphylaxis which […]

How to treat scabies

Scabies is basically a skin condition that is caused by a mite. The mites responsible for causing scabies are miniature in size and typically bury beneath the skin and cause severe itchiness in which urges the individual to scratch the affected area, thus breaking the skin and increasing the risk for infection. These mites could […]