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Canoeing and kayaking – preventing injuries

Canoeing and kayaking injuries can include sprains, strains, sunburn, direct blows, hypothermia, dehydration and even drowning. If an individual is going to engage in such activities, it is important to be prepared and have the right equipment including a life jacket and a helmet in order to minimize the risks. Both canoeing and kayaking are […]

Performing CPR to adults with an advanced airway

Individuals who sustained injuries or illnesses to the airway have an advanced airway (stoma) device implanted in the trachea. This would require performing mask-to-stoma CPR but it has minor modifications that you have to be familiar with. It is best to acquire an advanced CPR certification due to these modifications. Assess the emergency scenario Check […]

Plaster allergy

Common allergens include bee stings, pollen and peanuts that cause congestion, runny nose, itchy skin and eyes as well as an anaphylactic shock among sensitive individuals. Plaster is not a material that you might consider as an allergen but many individuals are allergic to the materials of which plaster is a component or to the […]

Dislocation of the coccyx

Once the coccyx is dislocated, it can cause pain that is excruciating resulting to persistent discomfort that can disrupt daily activities. It is important that this injury must be properly diagnosed in order to determine the severity of the injury and the appropriate treatment to minimize the pain. Location of the coccyx The coccyx is […]

Scapular nerve pain

The shoulder blade or scapula has its own set of nerves that originate in the neck. Scapular nerve pain can occur due to a pinched nerve in the neck or cervical area. The pain can radiate from the neck up to the shoulder of the individual and even down the arm or the pain can […]

Bilateral arm pain

People all over the world have experienced some kind of arm pain at some point in their lives. Take note that arm pain can either be unilateral or bilateral. With a bilateral arm pain, it affects both arms and can be incapacitating especially for those who work. There are various causes of arm pain which […]

Rear-end accidents

The main causes of neck and cervical spinal injuries are whiplash. The injury is one of the most common injuries causes by rear-end accidents among vehicles on the road. Rear-end accidents are the most prevalent form of vehicular accident. It continues to increase due to the use of mobile phones while driving and distracting features […]