Using Kelowna First Aid for Anemia

Unknown to many, non-obese individuals can still suffer from anemia and its deadly complications. This is why knowing the basic first aid techniques that can be used on patients who are suffering from the complications of anemia is important. Here are some of the complications of anemia that can be managed through first aid.

Heart Problems

Anemic patients may suffer from heart problems due to the involuntary response of the heart to pump more blood in order to compensate for the lack of oxygen in the bloodstream caused by this condition. These problems can cause chest pains as well as panic or anxiety attacks which can be a precursor for physical injuries. At times, administering CPR as well as the appropriate heart medications are needed in order to manage these sudden heart problems.


Fatigue Due to Anemia

Fatigue Due to Anemia

Due to the lack of oxygen in the blood, the organs in the body cannot receive the amount of oxygen that they need in order to function properly including the brain. This is why anemic patients suffer from lethargy and fatigue. In severe cases, they do not even have the energy to carry out simple everyday tasks such as washing the dishes. This type of fatigue can make them prone to falls and slips as well as other types of physical injuries caused by the mishandling of common household objects.

Severe bleeding

Patients who have anemia, especially sickle cell anemia, are prone to severe internal and external bleeding. This means that a minor wound or concussion can directly cause the death of the patient if the bleeding is not immediately treated with first aid by a trained professional since these patients bleed more profusely than other.

Developmental problems

Younger children, including babies, who have iron deficiencies are more likely to develop developmental problems since the brain is not receiving enough oxygen to support proper function and development. When this happens, they are more prone to self-inflicted and accidental injuries which can be caused by falls or fractures.

First aid and anemia

All Kelowna first aid rescuers are taught how to handle bleeding and physical injuries that can be caused by any disease or accident. This is why residents who are well-equipped with first aid knowledge can properly handle patients who are suffering from anemia and its complications. Through this type of knowledge, ordinary residents can prevent the death of a loved one who might look healthy from the outside but is actually suffering from anemia and its deadly complications on the inside.


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