Managing a hand burn

When treating a hand burn, it usually depends on the severity of the burn. This type of burn can occur at home or in the workplace and most are by accident such as touching a kettle of boiling water. A hand burn can be treated at home if the symptoms include minimal pain and irritation. You can enroll in a first aid course today so that you can effectively manage a hand burn.

Always bear in mind that a first degree burn only involves the upper layer of the skin. As for a second degree burn, it involves the upper layer together with the lower layer and the pain is more severe. When it comes to a third degree burn, it entails immediate emergency care. In case you are in doubt, you have to consult a doctor right away or simply bring the individual to the emergency department at the nearest hospital.

Steps in handing a hand burn

Hand burn

Initially, you have to remove the hand right away from the source that caused the burn and place it under cool running water.

  • Initially, you have to remove the hand right away from the source that caused the burn and place it under cool running water. If possible, you have to keep the affected hand of the individual immersed in cold water for about 30 minutes or longer.
  • You have to apply aloe vera gel on the burned area to help remove the irritation and stinging sensation. Take note that aloe vera can provide a cooling and soothing sensation and it is already used in hospitals.
  • Adults are usually given 75-90mg of vitamin C while children are given 15-65mg on a daily basis after a hand burn was sustained. Adults can also take 100mg of B complex supplements at 1-3 times in a day to help speed up the healing process. For wound healing, the individual can also be given 100mg of zinc supplement. Just remember not to provide children with more than a dose in a day since too much can cause nausea.
  • You should also apply calendula lotion on the affected area on the hand once the stinging sensation has diminished. Take note that calendula can help prevent the development of infections. You can easily find this lotion in any health food store.
  • You can also apply vitamin E oil on the hand burn once it has closed up entirely and healing. Vitamin E oil can help prevent scarring.

Important considerations to bear in mind

It has been an old belief to rub butter on the infected area of a hand burn. This must be avoided since this will only trigger increased irritation. You have to consult a doctor if you observe the development of blisters or if the skin starts to peel after the burn cools down while under cold water.

The individual must be encouraged to drink plenty of water during the healing process of the hand burn. As for the diet, it must include yellow vegetables and leafy greens along with proteins to help in the healing process. Additionally, you can also apply vitamin C in liquid form since this can help hasten the healing process.


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