Kelowna First Aid Facts: The State of Obesity in Kelowna

Despite being non-contagious and highly controllable, obesity remains as one of the most prevalent health problems in most parts of the world including first world countries such as Canada. It remains as one of the most common risk factors for many diseases and is known as a precursor of many physical injuries related to balance, gait and other issues. This is why Kelowna residents take pride in the fact that according to recent obesity statistics, they have it better than other cities and areas in Canada. However, this does not mean that residents do not need to take Kelowna first aid classes for the emergency situations that can be caused by obesity. Here are some relevant statistics that can shed light on the matter.

The State of Obesity in Kelowna and Canada

According to Statistics Canada, the obesity rate in Kelowna is 17% for 2013. This number is a far cry from the national average in other cities which is 24.8% However, this does not mean that residents are no longer at risk for the complications and health emergencies that can be caused by obesity. This is because according to Childhood Obesity Foundation, 69% of all Canadians are obese and that this number can go up to 70% in the next 40 years. This means that despite having a low obesity rate, many Kelowna residents can still suffer from the emergency complications of obesity and that many of them are still at risk for being obese later on in their lives.

What Are the Complications of Obesity?

Physical Injuries Due to Obesity

Physical Injuries Due to Obesity

Aside from being a risk factor to cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes and other illnesses, obesity can also cause physical injuries. In a research that was published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine which studies a group of obese and non-obese participants, it was noted that obese participants were most likely to acquire physical injuries from overexertion than non-obese participants. They are also more prone for falls and slips as well as balance-related problems since they lack the necessary amount of lower body strength to support their weight.

Why Should Residents Take Kelowna First Aid Classes?

By taking Kelowna first aid classes, residents will learn how to handle people who have acquired physical injuries because of their obesity. Considering that falls, slips and other balance-related problems can cause head trauma and bone fractures, first aid training can still come in handy for residents. They can also use this knowledge to handle emergency situations that are caused by other risk factors and medical problems.


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