Is there a cure for birch allergy?

Every spring season, many individuals suffer from allergies to pollen that is produced by various trees and grasses during their initial growth. The pollen released by birch trees has been considered the most common triggers for hay fever. The characteristic symptoms of the condition include congested or runny nose, itchy and water eyes. Just like with other seasonal allergies, birch allergy can be alleviated by administering over-the-counter antihistamines but these medications have certain side effects that you should be well aware of. On the other hand, there are other ways to treat birch allergy aside from the over-the-counter medications.

Testing for the allergy is also recommended so that the specific allergen can be determined. The doctor will perform a skin prick test in which the allergen is introduced into the skin. If there is a reaction such as a rash, it clearly indicates that the individual has birch allergy. If you want to learn more on how to handle allergies, click here.

Treatment options for birch allergy

An individual who has birch allergy can take into consideration the following treatment options for relief from the annoying symptoms.


An effective treatment for various allergies is desensitization. This treatment option typically involves repeated exposure to small amounts of the allergen until there is no reaction anymore. Take note that doses of Betula 30c which is a homeopathic preparation made out of the compound present in birch pollen responsible for triggering an allergic reaction has provided great relief to individuals with birch allergy.

Another alternative to this method is to drink a cup of pure sap from a birch tree on a daily basis as long as the individual has access to one. It is surprising to note that this does not trigger an allergic reaction at all.

Birch allergy

Every spring season, many individuals suffer from allergies to pollen that is produced by various trees and grasses during their initial growth.

Regulating the exposure to the allergen

In case certain treatment options are not effective, the last resort to provide relief when indoors is to control the exposure to the birch pollen. You can purchase a HEPA air filtration system for your house and utilize a vacuum cleaner that is built with a HEPA filter.

Instruct the individual to close all windows during the birch pollen season especially during the peak hours of 5AM up to 10AM. An air conditioning system will surely come in handy. If there are pets, particularly those that go outside, they must be bathed frequently. Do not forget to dry all the linens indoors, not outside on a clothesline in order to prevent pollen from attaching on them. By carefully controlling the amount of pollen in the house with these measures, it can provide the individual with birch allergy a certain degree of relief.

Traditional Chinese medicine

Birch allergy can be treated by traditional Chinese medicine which usually involves the combination of acupuncture and herbal preparations. Based on studies conducted, it was discovered that this treatment option provided significant relief for individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies.


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