Indications of simple partial seizure

Most cases of seizures experienced by those who have epilepsy are described as simple seizures. A simple partial seizure can affect individuals of all ages. When a simple partial seizure occurs, the individual stays conscious throughout the episode. Take note that the symptoms tend to vary depending on the area of the brain that the seizure occurs in and categorized on how the seizure affects the body.

What are the motor symptoms?

The motor symptoms develop once the seizure affects the muscle activity of the epileptic individual. Remember that these typically include abnormal movements such as jerking of the fingers or body stiffening. In some circumstances, these movements can affect one side of the body or even both sides.

During this period, the individual might become weak and have a hard time speaking clearly. His/her hands will start to move erratically yet in sync or he/she will start to laugh. Even though conscious, he/she might not realize at the time that he/she is doing these things.

Autonomic symptoms

Once a seizure triggers autonomic symptoms, it affects the bodily functions such as the breathing and heart rate. He/she can feel strange sensations in the stomach and those around can hear unusual noises which are gas that moves in the intestines. In addition, he/she can also suffer from vomiting, nausea or both.

The pupils can become dilated and he/she might abruptly end up with goosebumps on the arms. There is also loss of bladder control along with profuse sweating and flushing which involves reddening of the neck, face and chest.

Sensory symptoms

Simple partial seizure

During this period, the individual might become weak and have a hard time speaking clearly.

As the name implies, the senses are involved during this form of simple partial seizure, thus resulting to various sensory symptoms. In some individuals, these can be painful and there is a feeling as if being pricked by pins and needles or just starts to feel numb. The individual might taste or smell things that are not around or even hear someone speaking.

Hallucinations are also common among those who are suffering from sensory symptoms. This typically includes seeing people or flashes of light. There might be illusions such as seeing a stationary object move. In addition, he/she can also feel as if floating or suffering from dizziness.

Psychic symptoms

The psychic symptoms are triggered when a partial seizure causes electrical disruption that affects the higher brain function. It is important to note that the psychic symptoms can cause changes in how the individual feels, think and experience things.

There is memory impairment during an episode and difficulty using words when speaking. The speech is usually hard to understand. In the same time, he/she will have difficulty understanding what others are trying to say.

The emotions are also affected as well during this period and can abruptly feel happy, depressed or afraid for no evident reason. He/she can also suffer from feelings of déjà vu as if he/she has experienced it before. In addition, there is also a feeling of jamais vu which is a completely new one even though he/she has already experienced it before.


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